Nomad Spring Cleaning Outlet Sale Offers Big Discounts

It’s time for a bit of spring cleaning for us all, but Nomad, one of our favorite brands, has launched their Spring Cleaning Outlet Sale that opens up the opportunity to get major discounts on several of their products as they make room for a bunch of new product launches coming down the line.

Nomad Spring Cleaning Outlet Sale Offers Big Discounts

Known for everything from Apple Watch bands, cables, wallets, and my personal favorite — the Base Station Pro wireless charger — Nomad is taking 20% off a wide selection of their outlet products when you apply the code “SPRINGCLEANING” at checkout.

Normally the Base Station Pro, a full surface wireless charger that both Dan & I love, is $199.95, but by getting a refurbished one in the outlet sale, you’ll only pay $149.95.

Nomad Spring Cleaning Outlet Sale Offers Big Discounts

If you need a bit of protection for your AirPods, Nomad Rugged Cases are up to 70%-off, depending on which options you choose. Several of their fantastic Apple Watch Active Straps are on sale as well as iPhone and Pixel  Cases with excellent discounts. The sale ends on Sunday, March 21, so be sure to grab some great accessories before it’s too late!

Check out the full Nomad Spring Cleaning Outlet Sale by clicking here.

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