Sugar Skulls for Your Coffee – More Meditative Than Macabre


If you take your coffee with a bit of sugar, and you don’t mind a not so subtle reminder of your mortality, then these sugar skulls should be right up your alley. Perfect for celebrating Halloween, Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), or for using on crappy days as a reminder of the other alternative.

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I first spied these on Crnchy, but there was no purchase info. I did manage to find etsy seller Dem Bones, who carries quite a few ready-made sugar skull sugar cubes in their shop — no leg bones, alas.

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If you are the crafty type, and you’re willing to give making them a try, then you’re in luck: Mexican Sugar Skull sells molds in various sizes, including mini, which looks to be the perfect size for this particular use.

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Sugar skulls are used in Day of the Dead celebrations to honor deceased loved ones; they are typically adorned with brightly colored tin foil, sequins, feathers and other non-edible accoutrements. They are not meant to be morbid or dark; rather, they are often shown as smiling or laughing, because they are meant to celebrate the loved one’s life.

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So what will it be? One lump … or two?


Etsy seller Dem Bones

Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Molds

Snow Violent Via Crnchy

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