TrackingPoint Super Gun Technology Enables 3,100 Yard Shot Consistency

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In January we brought exciting new firearm news with the TrackingPoint precision guided rifle technology. Read the news release here and read about their iPhone game here. The TrackingPoint technology allows rifles to be amazingly accurate up to 1,000 yards. The precision guided XactSystem allows shooters to tag a target, track it and fire the round making perfect shots despite moving the weapon slightly. The same sort of technology is used in fighter jets ensuring only the intended target is engaged. This is exciting technology that can only be found from TrackingPoint. The company was not satisfied with democratizing the 1,000 yard range and has set their sights on a much longer distances.

TrackingPoint is currently working on a “Super Gun” which will be able to hit targets at over 3,100 yards consistently. This is well over the distance of the current record for the longest confirmed hit with a small arms weapon. The company has various blue prints and sketches that will fit the current XactSystem technology to a McMillan .50 caliber rifle. In case you do not understand how far 3,100 yards is, it equals 1.76 miles. Being able to shoot a rifle almost 2 miles consistently is an amazing feat. For anyone wondering, the technology will not result in a commercially available firearm. 

“As an applied technology company at the forefront of the firearms industry, we at TrackingPoint need to consistently push ourselves to innovate above and beyond even our own expectations,” said Jason Schauble, TrackingPoint Chief Executive Officer. “Our ‘Super Gun’ project will push the boundaries of perception in the firearms and shooting communities. In the process we hope to find inspiration for a whole new generation of tech applications.” The Texas company continues to push the limits of firearm technology. If you would like to see more about the company and what they do, check out their website for details.

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