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September 3, 2013 • Gear Bits

Tapatalk Comes to Windows Phone!

Tapatalk Coming to Windows Phone

Tapatalk Coming to Windows Phone

Windows Phone is fast developing parity with other platforms, and while there’s a handful of top tier names missing (cue the 10,000 “Instagram or bust” complaints), it is becoming easier to switch. Now that Tapatalk has hit Windows Phone, the platform can add one more in-demand service to its growing portfolio!

If you’re a forums junkie, you probably know the name Tapatalk. For those who don’t, Tapatalk is a service that brings various discussion forums to mobile form via the Tapatalk app. You can see new posts, browse forums, answer private messages, etc, all from a phone-centric and comfortable interface. Tapatalk was being beta tested on Windows Phone, and to discourage casual users the app cost a few dollars. Now that it is a full release, they’ve made it free for everyone, and in my quick perusal of the app it is a definite winner. It has been designed with the look and feel of Windows Phone, and it is responsive and simple to navigate.

One by one Windows Phone is adding apps, and I am thrilled to see Tapatalk join the ranks! Click here to view Tapatalk in the Windows Phone store!

Via WPcentral

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