Cool Infographic: The World of Mobile Phones

Cool Infographic: The World of Mobile Phones

With CES this week, there is even more focus on the state of mobile technology than usual. So I enjoyed browsing this cool infographic from Here are a few details:

Having gathered a number of statistics from around the world, our infographic also reveals that around 2.7 million SMS messages are sent in China every day, which is no doubt why 70 percent of Chinese mobile users – all 666,120,000 of them – admit they simply “couldn’t live” without their mobile. In Russia, it seems as if people can’t live without one or more handsets – with each person having, on average, 1.54 mobile phones.

The full image is below or you can head to for all the details!

Cool Infographic: The World of Mobile Phones

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  1. Apparently the US has annexed Canada. According to this infographic, anyway.

    • And based on the color code we didn’t give them many cell phones in exchange!

      • haha … I was so tied up with all the facts that I didn’t even notice the mis-label on USA!  And besides, didn’t Walmart buy Canada in exchange for dropping in a few stores the size of Rhode Island and giving them special pricing on Molson?

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