MediaTek and Bullitt Team Up to Make Rugged Satellite-Capable Smartphones

Now that most areas are blanketed in 5G, companies like MediaTek are looking to the next big thing in connectivity-satellite. Satphones have existed for some time, but satellite to mobile has become a much bigger focus as of late. MediaTek has teamed up with British mobile phone manufacturer Bullitt to power several new rugged satellite-capable devices!

MediaTek and Bullitt Team Up to Make Rugged Satellite-Capable Smartphones

There’s the Cat S75 which is Bullitt’s new flagship Cat phone. It sports both 5G connectivity and MediaTek’s satellite connectivity, so you’ll be able to make calls from the highway or on top of a mountain.

MediaTek and Bullitt are also quite proud of how rugged the phone is, bragging that they’ve subjected it to repeat drops as well as high-pressure water jets to prove how tough it really is. It can even be sanitized with soap and water!

In addition, it sports a 6.6″ screen, support for Qi wireless charging, and a triple rear camera array with a 50MP main camera. You’ll be able to snap photos AND receive messages on the go, even if you’re too far out of range for your regular carrier. The Cat S75 is available for preorder from select carriers starting at €599.

MediaTek and Bullitt Team Up to Make Rugged Satellite-Capable Smartphones

Bullitt is sharing their expertise in rugged phones with Motorola as well. They’re partnering to make the Motorola Defy 2, a 5G smartphone powered by Android while standing up to repeated drops and exposure to water and the elements.

It also rocks a 6.6″ screen, up to two days of battery life, and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. They also promise two Android OS updates and 5 years of security patches!

MediaTek and Bullitt Team Up to Make Rugged Satellite-Capable Smartphones

If you’re looking to take your Defy 2 into, say, the mountains, you’ll want to bring along the Motorola Defy Satellite Link. It’s a Bluetooth accessory that lets any Android or iOS phone use satellite connectivity to tap into Bullitt’s satellite service.

The device is also ruggedized and has a 600mAh battery that will be good for multiple days, plus dedicated SOS and check-in buttons.

Defy 2 will start at $599 in Q2 2023, and the defy link is coming in Q2 2023, starting at $99, or $149, with one year of the Essentials Messaging service.

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