More Than a PR Gimmick, Apple Sells a Record 9 Million iPhone 5s and 5c In Opening Weekend

More Than a PR Gimmick, Apple Sells a Record 9 Million iPhone 5s and 5c In Opening Weekend

Apple Store Crowds at the NYC Flagship … More than a gimmick!

When the news came of ‘record lines’ at Apple’s NYC store, it felt like a contrived move for headlines – and it probably was. But while that seemed like a desperation move, Apple’s press release today is a triumph of the continued consumer demand for the iPhone. The iPhone 5c and 5s sold over 9 million units in the opening weekend!

In the press release, Apple highlights a few interesting numbers from the last several days:
– The 9 million sales are just the iPhone 5s and 5c, and happened in spite of constrained supply, particularly of the coveted Gold 5s.
– More than 200 million people are now using iOS 7, which Apple calls the “fastest software upgrade in history”.
– More than 11 million individual users have already used iTunes Radio, which is a great adoption rate – especially since the service is US only right now! Having used it … I’m tremendously impressed.

The 9 million this year compares with 5 million last year for the iPhone 5 and 4 million for the 4S. With very few exceptions any device maker would be thrilled to sell 9 million over the product lifetime – let alone in the opening weekend.

So … did you get an iPhone 5s or 5c this weekend? Or did you check out any of the crowds? What do you think?

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  • loopyduck

    I’d be interested in two breakdowns: 5C vs. 5S, and how many iPhones 5S/Cs were sold in China vs. iPhone 5 launch markets. I suspect that most—if not nearly all—of the increased sales came from China.

    • Well … a couple of things:
      – The 5s apparently outsold the 5c >3:1 at least in the US.
      – China sold ~2 million iPhone 5s on launch day … so I would assume at least that many. But think that indicates an overall uptick in launch weekend buys on a directly comparable basis.

      • loopyduck

        >The 5s apparently outsold the 5c >3:1 at least in the US.

        Ouch. That would be a pretty good reason not to brag about their pre-order numbers like they usually do. As for the China numbers, I wonder what effect (if any) it’ll have on sales for the rest of the year… There’s also the grey market to consider: an off-contract 5S in Hong Kong is considerably cheaper than in China.

        • Well, I would also bet that the 5c this year sold better than the 4S last year – thereby validating their ‘refresh’ approach.

          But the whole – limited pre-orders, push the lines thing smacked of gamesmanship.