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October 16, 2013 • News

Hotdog Yoga Gear Rollpack in Amethyst – an Intelligently Designed Mat Bag


If you practice Yoga anywhere other than at home, then you’ll need a bag for carrying your mat, towel, water, and clothes. Hotdog Yoga’s Rollpack manages all that and more; its exclusive design “packs like a gym bag, hangs like a garment bag, and carries like a mat bag”. It’s already available in onyx, and amethyst is coming soon.

The $89.95 Rollpack has eight separate storage spaces, so there is plenty of room for your all of the things you need to carry, but rather than packing your clothes in the bottom of the bag where they can get rumpled, the Rollpack has a cool wardrobe section that allows you to keep your après workout clothes wrinkle-free and neat.


Whatever size or thickness your yoga mat happens to be, it will fit and stay secure in the Rollpack’s middle.


The whole bundle rolls into a u-shape and then buckles securely for carrying.


Here’s Michael Hess, founder of Hotdog Yoga Gear, to tell you a little bit more about what makes the Rollpack special.

The Hotdog Yoga Rollpack is available now in onyx, and their lovely new amethyst color will start shipping in the second week of November.

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