Yoga Is In the Bag with Hot Dog Yoga’s New Rollpack

Hotdog Yoga pre launch offer fans and subscribers only 2

Getting the right tool to do the job properly was something I learned the hard way, the first time I did the “Couch to 5K” program.

The same goes for pretty much any activity, and that includes yoga. Yoga doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but you do want to have your mat with you, along with water, some snacks (Elana has taught me that it is crucial to eat immediately after working out so the “snacks” aspect is key), and a few other assorted items. One could use a regular gym bag, but that means you’d have to carry the bag separately from your rolled up mat. Right idea… Wrong tools.

Hotdog Yoga pre launch offer fans and subscribers only

So what if your bag and your mat actually worked together as a single unit? That’s what Hot Dog Yoga is doing with their first product, the Rollpack yoga bag. It is a bag that has been specifically designed for yoga or any activity that requires a mat or a towel, and it is an excellent start for a new company.

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Hot Dog Yoga is a new spinoff of our first advertiser, Skooba Design. We were able to get one of the first production samples, and my wife Elana (a personal trainer), has had a chance to check it out. Everywhere Elana has taken the bag, people have wanted to know about it and where they could get one; it looks as if Hot Dog Yoga will have a hit on their hands.

The company is doing a soft opening, so you won’t read about this bag anywhere else… yet. It is worth noting that the company is offering an extremely limited quantity of bags in a pre-launch special offer that can be found here.

If you are fast enough you can be one of a handful of people to get a rollpack a month or more before anyone else.

So let’s take a closer look at the Rollpack; more accurately, let’s take a look at Elana’s initial thoughts. I’ll let her take it from here …

“The bag comes with nice packaging. I hate when companies waste tons of packaging and Hot Dog Yoga shipped the Rollpack with just enough packaging to protect it. That tells me something right from the start.”

“I like the company’s clever multi-meaning logo.”

“As for the bag… I’m impressed. I really like the material they used, but that is not a surprise since the company is a spin-off of Skooba Designs, and I really like all of the Skooba bags Dan has reviewed. The material is lightweight yet sturdy and well-made. Too often workout bags are either light, to the point where they feel flimsy and cheap, or they’ll be more durable but way too heavy; this bag strikes just the right balance. Even better, the design of the bag is great. It has good pocket that are deep enough and make the most of the limited space offered by this compact bag. In the front, there are two closed pockets for snacks, toiletries etc.; there is also an open pocket with a toggle that is perfect for your water bottle.”

“The zippers also impress me. They are durable, and the pulls are easy to grip. They also add to the look of the bag thanks to the turquoise accent color. It is unisex and eye-catching, but it is NOT too bright. This bag actually reminds me of something made by Lululemon, and that is a good thing.”

“To continue, the handles and shoulder strap are well-designed with quality materials and functional.”

“I know this bag is intended for Yoga, but it has uses that go beyond Yoga. I can see carrying a towel where the mat would be, or you could even use it as an overnight pack.”

“It is the first multi-functional Yoga bag I have seen, and it has a great price-point.”

“I also showed it to a few friends who are serious yoga people, and they were equally impressed.”

Elana doesn’t heap praise like this easily.

As we noted at the beginning, the Rollpack yoga bag isn’t officially out yet. This is the first time that it is being discussed publicly, and there are only a few (30) of them arriving next week. If you love Yoga (or love someone who loves yoga), and you want the “right tool for the right job”, then this is it.

The Hot Dog Yoga bag will retail for $89.95, but if you are one of the first to order, it can be had for $69.95 AND it will ship for free and come with a free thank you gift.  Check out the bag and ordering information, here.

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  1. Dan, thanks for the kind review, we’re glad it got the Elana seal of approval! Just a couple of notes for your readers… if you miss out on the pre-launch batch of 30-ish bags, you can still pre-order at the advance price (free shipping, free gift and all), the only difference is that you’ll get the bag a few weeks later (we’re looking at late April, hopefully in time for Mother’s day).  Also note that we are still adding content to both our Facebook page and the new website, so if you have any trouble with our links, please try Thanks again for the mention and the oportunity to clarify… and the new GD site layout looks great! Michael – Hotdog Yoga

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