The Waterfield Staad Backpack Received and Examined


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The Waterfield Staad Backpack Received and Examined Listen to this article


The day the new Waterfield Staad backpack was announced, Dan and I placed our orders. Yesterday I received my Stout Staad in black on black; Dan had received his Stout in brown on black the day before. Does the Staad live up to our expectations? It’s too soon for a full review, but we thought you’d enjoy some initial impressions.

I don’t know if Dan is going to want to admit it or not, but when he first received his brown and black Staad Stout, he told me he didn’t love it. I’m not sure if it was because he hadn’t really explored the bag’s compartments and started loading it yet, or because it looked slimmer than expected after being mailed. Who knows? I couldn’t really comment at that point, because I hadn’t yet received mine.

But yesterday my Staad came in, and I told Dan that his initial impression was crazy-talk; I love mine! I am convinced that the Staad Stout will prove to be my perfect backpack, an opinion that will stay the same unless some completely bizarre manufacturer’s defect manifests itself between now and when we finish our review. This is, of course, highly unlikely due to Waterfield product’s excellent quality.

So take a look at this video; in it Dan talks about wearing his Staad yesterday, and he also comments upon whether or not he enjoyed the experience …

Dan and I will have a full joint review up in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Waterfield Staad here.

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