Waterfield Staad Is the Best Looking and Most Functional Backpack Ever!

Waterfield Staad Backpack - 15

I’m so picky about my backpacks, that for the longest I didn’t carry one. I had finally found one I liked well enough, but it’s not the one. I had just about admitted defeat and given up on backpacks, but now there’s no need. Say hello to the Staad, Waterfield’s perfect backpack available in two sizes and multiple color combinations.

The body of the backpack is available in either brown waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon, and there are three leather flap covers to choose from. The Staad is available in a smaller, slimmer size that will carry up to a 13″ MacBook (aptly named the Slim), or you can get the Stout model which will hold up to a 15″ MacBook. Each bag will carry the laptop plus accessories. I think that this bag would work well for traveling, but I would really appreciate it at CES and Mobile World Congress.

The Slim model is $319, and the Stout model is $329. The interior pockets look extremely well planned (you don’t even need a laptop sleeve!), the exterior is beautiful, and overall I think that the Staad is to die for! My dream version is the Stout in black ballistic nylon with a black or chocolate leather flap; I haven’t yet decided. What do you think?

You can order yours here.

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  1. edifyhimdaily | October 8, 2013 at 8:06 pm |

    These are gorgeous!

  2. So gorgeous that… We both ordered one! Cannot wait to check it out.

  3. That doesn’t happen very often, either! =D

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