Leather iPhone 5S Case by Noreve Review – Haute Couture for your Téléphone Mobile

iPhone Gear   Designed in France, Noreve’s leather iPhone cases are made of high quality leather for the discerning individual; they are customizable and come in a ton of beautiful colors and fabrics.  While closed, this flip-down case allows access to all exterior iPhone buttons other than the home button.  These cases can be purchased directly from Noreve for €59.99.

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

The outside of the case.

The case is made of two parts that are stitched together quite nicely.  The first part hugs the iPhone tightly to ensure that your phone won’t fall out.  This main body of the case is made of thermoplastic polymer covered in high quality leather that will not cause interference with your phone’s radio signals.  The second part is the screen cover that’s connected to the main body of the case.  This is also made of the same thermoplastic polymer covered in leather, but the front of the case has cushy padding on the front.  The inside of the case is embossed with the Noreve logo.  There are cutouts along the edges of the phone so that you can access your volume buttons, mute switch, power button, and charging port.  The speakers and headphone jack are also left uncovered.

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

The inside of the case.

The front of the case is held to your phone with a latch that clips to the top of your phone.  There should be no worry about causing your phone any damage with this mechanical connection because the latch is also clad in leather.  The only interruption to the soft leather of the case is a metal Noreve symbol on the top right of the screen cover.  The case comes in a nice gift-type box inside of a red Noreve labelled pouch, similar to how fine jewelry would be given.

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

A side view of the case with phone inside.

The review unit that I was given is suede leather on the outside in a color called “Acier Vintage.”  A quick Google translation let me know that “Acier” means “Steel” in French.  It’s definitely an attractive light-gray color. My biggest complaint with this case is that in order to see the screen, you have to unhook the case and open the screen cover.  Most typical iPhone cases allow the screen to be read without opening anything.  I like to check my phone often to see if an email came in or even to check the time, and this case would add an extra step to that process.

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

A top view of the case, showing the latch that holds the case closed.

The Noreve iPhone 5S case, which also fits the iPhone 5, by the way, is a very fashionable way to protect your phone.  Although I prefer a case that gives me instant access to my screen, this case has its merits.  The case is built very well, feels good in your hand, and protects your phone.

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

A view of the phone with the case open.

Head over to Noreve’s website to customize and order your very own with free shipping.  You can choose your color, fabric, and add a back fastener for a plastic or metal belt clip.

MSRP:  €59.99

What I Like:  Nice, high-quality leather; Great build quality; Protects your phone well; Nice packaging.

What Needs Improvement:  No quick access to view alerts.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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