TouchTone BlueTooth Speaker Review

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Lately I have found myself listening to audio from my phone. Wether it be music or podcasts, I have come to prefer audio over television. Portable, wireless audio options with superior sound are important to me. I was recently able to try out the TouchTone from id America which promises big sound in a small package for &79.95.

The TouchTone is a bluetooth, portable speaker system. At full charge the speaker should last up to 4 hours and the bluetooth connection has a range of about 33ft. The unit only measures at 4.9″ wide by 2.4″ tall and is just under 3″ deep so it is super compact and extremely portable. One of the first things I noticed was the product’s heft. It feels rugged and the weight lets me know that the speakers are for real. The build quality of the TouchTone is high quality.


The package includes the speaker, charging cable, aux cable and carry pouch. On the back, users will find the power button, aux in and micro USB charging ports. Holding the power button down will turn the speaker on and immediately put it into bluetooth pairing mode. My phone connects quickly, and a voice prompt announces the connection. The booming Englishman’s voice sounds really good and will announce various operations. The top of the speaker houses the touch interface complete with lighted button areas. I found the touch interface to work perfectly and was super responsive. The buttons are self-explanatory, but volume is adjusted by using the blue circle like a dial.


The build quality and features in the TouchTone are wonderful, but the most important feature is the sound. After listening to various genres of music as well as several podcasts, I was pleasantly pleased with the sound quality. While a speaker this small cannot produce huge bass responses, everything I listened to had crystal clear full sound. The volume is loud enough to be usable in a large room, but does not get so high as to distort the audio. I really like listening to the TouchTone and have been using it in my bedroom for a few weeks.


On top of great audio sound, the TouchTone also acts as a speaker phone. I made and received several calls using the speaker successfully. Incoming sound quality was loud and clear and my voice quality was good on the other end. Best results were accomplished if talking over the speaker within a few feet.

In an age of shrinking gadgets that are becoming wireless, rushed, low quality products are flooding the market. id America has brought a high quality, affordable option. The TouchTone has excellent build quality with a touch interface and awesome features. Add to that, great audio quality and you have a perfect product for anyone wanting portable, wireless audio. This speaker has found a permanent place in my home.

TouchTone BlueTooth Speaker

MSRP: $79.95

What I like: I love the build and sound quality in a small, portable speaker solution.

What can be improved: No complaints so far.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

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