1st Gen Apple Lightning Cable Meltdown – What’s the Cause?


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1st Gen Apple Lightning Cable Meltdown - What's the Cause? Listen to this article

An OEM Apple Lightning cable meltdown; caught before it could get any worse

I noticed the smell before I saw the smoke: I looked to my right, and that’s where I saw the problem — tiny sparks and a rapidly melting sheath near the end of the Apple cable that was charging my iPhone 5S. I immediately unplugged it before flames took over; crisis averted, but why did it happen?

Here are the facts:

  • I was using a first generation Lightning cable that had come with either my iPhone 5 or iPad mini
  • The Lightning cable was plugged into an iPhone 5S
  • The Lightning cable was being powered from an ANKER 40W 5V / 8A 5 port USB Desktop Charger which was charging the iPhone 5 and other devices

Although I haven’t completely ruled it out, I don’t think the meltdown was the ANKER USB charger’s fault; I have a couple of other OEM and non-OEM cables connected to other devices that were plugged into it before, during, and after the meltdown, and none of them have had any issues. In fact, my iPhone is currently charging from the ANKER using the JustMobile AluCable I recently reviewed, and it is working perfectly fine.

Googling “Apple lightning cable melted” brings up plenty of articles and support questions from others who have experienced the same. Some of the meltdowns happened when the Lightning cable was plugged into a laptop or desktop computer, plugged into the iPad mini charger, plugged into a car charger, or when plugged into the OEM Apple iPhone 5 charger. Actually, because there are so many reports of OEM iPhone Lightning cables melting, it looks like this could be a pretty common problem.

The good news is that based on what I’ve read online, I should be able to get my Lightning cable exchanged for free at an Apple store; the bad news is that this seems to be a common issue, and I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t been sitting right next to my iPhone when the cable decided to begin its meltdown.

Have you had any issues with your Lightning cables melting or catching on fire? So far, I’ve had more problems with this particular type connector than I’ve ever had with any other. Unfortunately, this is a problem that could have resulted in my house burning down and that is simply unacceptable.

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