Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong


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Wireless charging has finally taken but cables for charging and syncing devices are still a necessary evil of modern life. My cables of choice come from Nomad. They are the most durable I’ve found and are pretty much the only ones I use. Now Nomad has rolled out a new line of cables that are even better.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

The company describes the new cables stating:

Built to Last: Nomad offers a collection of cables to satisfy all of your charging needs. Whether you need maximum durability, a minimalist cable to simplify your gear, or a quick charge, we’ve got you covered.

I’ve had a few pre-release samples for the past few weeks, and I’m impressed. The new cables are tough, they don’t kink or get tangled, and they do their job well. Their durability is, in large part, the result of Kevlar being used in their construction. That gives them a degree of strength you won’t find with discount cables or, in my experience, pretty much anything else on the market.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

There’s a lot more that goes into creating strong; reliable cables than you might otherwise think and Nomad has been working on this new cable lineup for over a year and a half. They refer to it as their “Most rugged lineup yet” and go on to explain:

We’ve collaborated with DuPont to incorporate Kevlar K29 into both the outer braid and inner core of our cables. Kevlar has high tensile strength, heat resistance, and all around toughness which makes it the premier choice for any application that demands rugged strength and durability, whether it be body armor, aerospace components, or charging cables.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

There’s even Kevlar badging on the packaging that reflects the licensed partnership Nomad has entered into with Kevlar.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

The Kevlar is not, however, the only thing that makes these new cables so durable. As they explain:

In addition to added strength that Kevlar provides, we’ve completely redesigned the overmold that connects the charging tips to the cable, ensuring our strongest tip to cable connection yet. Finally, we’ve also reinforced the Lightning, USB-C, USB-A, and Micro-USB connectors found on our cables, adding to each cable’s overall durability.

I’ve tried to bend, stretch, twist, turn and otherwise abuse the review samples and am happy to report these things are tough!

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

Of course, a tough cable that trickle charges your device or slow syncs it is worthless. Thankfully, Nomad put as much attention into the internals of the cables are they did the physical design. Each is engineered using “industry-leading internal components.” That translates into cables that deliver a fast charge and speedy data transfers.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

Each cable comes with Nomad’s awesome cable tie! I wish the, longer cables came with two ties since it would help keep them nicely wound when not in use, but the single tie certainly helps keep things neat.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

Also, if you order a few of these new cables, you won’t have to worry about receiving a lemon. Every single one of the new Nomad cables is individually run through a quality control process to ensure it is performing not at, but above, the rated specs. And, in the unlikely event that you do run into issues, you’ll be happy to now the cables each carries a five-year warranty. Nomad is serious about customer satisfaction, and they stand behind their products.

The new cables include the following.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong


There is a USB-C to Lightning cable that delivers super-fast, 18W charging speeds. The 1.5M version is $39.95 while the 3M version is $44.95.

Finally, a USB-C to Lightning cable from Nomad. Our first offering in the USB-C to Lightning category, this cable comes with the dual braid built with Kevlar K29 that defines our new lineup of cables. This is our strongest Lighting cable yet. On top of that, the USB-C to Lightning connection allows for fast charging when combined with a USB-C charging brick such as this one made by Apple. An 18W brick like this allows your iPhone to fast charge; meaning that any iPhone from the iPhone 8 onwards can charge 50% of its battery in half an hour. The 18W Fast Charge with a USB-C to Lightning Cable is the fastest way to charge your phone—so you can power up quickly, whether you are on the go or at home.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

There’s a USB-C to USB-C cable that delivers a mind-blowing 100W charging speed. The 1.5M version is $29.95 while the 3M version is $34.95. (The company notes that this cable is a “personal favorite here in the office.” Considering the fact that USB-C is finally commonplace, I can understand why!)

Looking for the best cable to charge your MacBook Pro? Look no further. Our new 100W USB-C Cable is perfect for keeping your MacBook Pro powered without limiting where you can work. At up to ten feet long, our newest cable allows you to charge from those hard to reach places; like the top of your standing desk and the last spot on the couch in the coffee shop. The dual braid built with Kevlar K29 that defines our new cable lineup is featured here as well, helping to ensure that this cable will stand up to the demands of everyday use.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

There is a USB-A to Lightning cable. The 1.5M version is $34.95 while the 3M version is just $5 more at $39.95.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong


There is a Universal USB-C cable that has a USB-A adapter at one end and a Micro USB-A adapter at the other. The core USB-C cable can deliver charging speeds up to 100W.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

When using the adapters speeds will be somewhat slower. I’m bummed this cable doesn’t include a Lightning adapter, but I suspect that will make an appearance at some point in the future.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

The .3M version of this cable is $24.95. The 1.5M version is 434.95, and the 3M version is just $5 more at $39.95.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

Finally, as if this wasn’t enough, there is a new Universal USB-A cable. It has a standard USB-A connector at one end and has Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning adapters at the other. The .3M version of this cable is $29.95 while the 1.5M version is $39.95.

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

When we first launched our lineup of Universal Cables, we were on a mission to build the ultimate minimalist cable, or as we like to call it, the “one cable to rule them all”. Our Universal line gives you USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB-tips all united by a USB-A tip, providing versatile charging options no matter what devices you have.

I’m a fan of this last cable as it allows me to carry less but still, know I can charge any device I have with me. The multiple adapters at one end make it a little less refined than its siblings, but the functionality it offers is exceptional. I have a number of the earlier versions, but there have been times when the adapters didn’t connect as consistently as I would have liked. Nomad recognized this and took these concerns into account when designing the new Universal cable.

…after designing our first generation Universal Cables, it became apparent that we would have to redesign the connectors between the Micro-USB and Lightning & USB-C tip. We’ve worked hard to improve the connectors with new metal tips and a stronger overmold, both of which increase the flex resistance of these connectors. Our second generation offering of the Universal Cable Lineup is redesigned to be stronger than ever.

Seriously, what kind of company acknowledges that while an earlier version of their product was good, it wasn’t good enough and, as a result, they went back to the drawing board? I believe that’s called “integrity” and it’s one of the things that makes Nomad one of our favorite mobile device accessory companies!

Nomad’s New Cables Are Kevlar-Strong

The new cables look great but, more importantly, they are tough, reliable, and carry a serious warranty. Sure, you can find far less expensive cables online, but those cables are in an entirely different category from the ones Nomad is offering. Their cables were already excellent, but the new design makes them stronger and more reliable than ever.

Here’s a video from Nomad. It starts out fun but then ones into an excellent explanation of why the new cables are designed the way thy are.

I’m impressed by Nomad’s new cables and have already swapped out most of the cables I previously carried. Check them out here and then order a few for yourself. You’ll be happy you did.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of Nomad’s new Kevlar-reinforced cables.

What I Like: Tough; Available in a variety of lengths with a range of different connectors; Offer fast-charging and data syncing; Carry a five-year warranty

What Needs Improvement: As compared to discount cables their price might turn some people off until they realize they aren’t comparing apples to apples; Longer cables could benefit from having two ties to keep them neatly coiled

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