Are You Experiencing Nokia Lumia 928 Earpiece Volume Problems?

Are You Experiencing Nokia Lumia 928 Earpiece Volume Problems?

I really like my Nokia Lumia 928, but it has a hardware bug that’s giving me more than a bit of a wandering eye. There’s an issue with the earpiece affecting at least some users where the sound cuts out during calls. Speakerphone, Bluetooth, and the headphones all work fine — just the earpiece fails. Worst of all, it comes and goes!

And it’s not just me. There are complaints on the Nokia support forums, as well as on Verizon’s forums, both describing this exact issue with the Nokia Lumia 928 earpiece. This WPCentral thread has a number of theories on this, ranging from a headphone jack issue to a Bluetooth disconnection bug to a problem with the SIM tray. Some say a DIY dissection can fix it, but I am a bit too chicken to try that! I have noticed one corner creaks slightly, and squeezing it seems to have returned my volume for now…but I am keeping a close eye on the rumored Lumia 929/Icon. Hopefully it ships without these sorts of bugs. It’s disappointing, because I was a huge advocate for this phone, and it makes it really hard to get excited when answering the phone is a game of “volume roulette.”

Do you have a Lumia 928? Have you experienced the mysterious disappearing earpiece volume issue? Figured out a solution or a cause? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Yes! I have this EXACT problem! It’s really quite embarrassing when the phone I spoke so highly of for the time before I could get one has such a fundamental issue, and I have to tell all my friends that my Windows Phone (which I also defend against criticism regularly) has problems with the earpiece and that I’ll have to call them back on my home phone! Nokia, Verizon, and Microsoft, find a solution to this, quick! I love this phone, and really don’t want a different one!

  2. I found two solutions: taking the case off seems to have reduced the regularity, and I try to keep from squeezing or putting pressure on the earpiece area. Neither are perfect but it works for now!
    I agree…it’s a great phone but this is a very serious flaw!

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