Nokia Adds More Value to the Lumia Line with Treasure Tags

Nokia Adds More Value to the Lumia Line with Treasure Tags

There’s no doubt that Nokia makes amazing phones. You may not like the operating system, but Nokia does a great job of bringing everything together into a very polished package. Their newest accessory is another “little thing” that makes Lumias better; the “Treasure Tag”, an NFC and Bluetooth-enabled accessory to insure you never lose your keys again.

Don’t think you need this? You’ve clearly never locked yourself out of the house without your keys. Sarah and I did that exactly once, and never again. See, we were cleaning out our old house after moving out, and we accidentally locked the keys inside. We ended up having to call our realtor to open the lock box and open the door for us. It was highly embarrassing, but at least it saved us a frantic call to a locksmith!

In any case, that rambling story illustrates why a Treasure Tag makes sense. Attach it to your keys, and if your keys and phone are separated, your phone or the tag will let you know with an alarm. You can manage it from your Lumia phone, and in the future they will be adding support for iOS and Android as well. You can use up to four Treasure Tags with one phone, so you can slap one on your bag, wallet, keys, dog, anything you don’t want separated from you and your phone. They’ll also come in yellow, cyan, black, and white, so you can match them to your Lumia or add new splashes of color to your stuff.

The only downside? They’ll retail for $29.99, which may be a bit steep to some buyers. If you’re constantly walking out the door without all your stuff,  then it might be worthwhile, but to max out with four devices is $120. If you’re that forgetful, maybe you should spend the $120 on a memory improvement system!

You can check out all the details on the new Treasure Tag at Nokia’s Conversations website, and they’ll be hitting the markets in April.

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