Betting on an IPhone’s Survival

Our son has a water activity table that he LOVES. Every toy gets a dunk in the water table, and today that included Sarah’s iPhone 5C. We currently have it in a bag of rice, so we will see. The Gear Diary team is pretty pessimistic, with most putting the odds of survival at 20/80 or 30/70. What’s your bet?


The scene of the crime.


How discouraging were my “nay-saying friends”? Read onto see their comments on Sarah’s iPhone Disaster:

  • Travis Ehrlich 20/80. Survival/finished.
  • Carly Zektzer What about the likelood the phone works but the speakers are fried?
  • Travis Ehrlich Plausible. In still going with done. I’m a curmudgeon though.
  • Carly Zektzer Lol. Fair. If it’s toast that will suck. Sarah is sipposed to go camping tomorrow, so I thibj we will have to play musical phones while waiting on a replacement.
  • Dan Cohen 30/70.
  • Judie Stanford One day, Apple will take a page from Sony & Samsung’ playbooks, and they’ll make a water resistant iPhone. Until then, I’d say 20/80 like Coach.
  • Dan Cohen I have to say I do love not having to worry about the Z2 or the Ultra in that regard…
  • Carly Zektzer Sigh. You all are quite negative. Hopefully we don’t have a disaster on our hands in the AM.
  • Travis Ehrlich I hope you don’t either…but remember I’m a curmudgeon. Get off my lawn you darn kids!!!


So what do you think? Is the iPhone going to be saved or will we be on our way to the Apple Store in the morning? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 Comments on "Betting on an IPhone’s Survival"

  1. Unless it was powered off immediately, it’s probably dead. If it sat in the water for more than a few seconds… the screen and battery are probably toast. Especially if the water is hard and had any salts or minerals in it.

  2. At the very least, you’d need to leave it off and on the rice for several days to competely dry out. 12-18 hours is not NEARLY enough time. We’re talking more like 5 days, unless you’ve got special equipment.

    • Shockingly it sort of works. The speakers fade in and out but it is mostly functional.

      We still ordered an insurance replacement because we don’t trust it, but i was surprised it even powered on!

      • The damage won’t show up right away. The battery may end up going first… or whatever else on the mainboard still has water. And I would’ve given it a few more days to dry out, unless you’d had an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution to displace the water and whatever else was in that water from the phone.

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