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One of the biggest surprises when I started using the Sony Xperia Z2 as my full-time device was just how much use I got from finally having a device with NFC Near Field Communication built-in. The TYLT TAGZ Programmable NFC Stickers take the NFC prowess of the phone to an entirely new level.I use NFC to pair the phone to my headset, to pair my phone to my speaker and to pair my phone to my new Sony QX10 camera. With the programmable stickers I am able to go even further and create my own actions in a few simple steps.


The TYLT TAGZ come in a package that includes six different programmable tags. There are three that are white and there are three that are black. That means you can place them in a variety of locations and not have them call too much attention to themselves. They would call even less attention to themselves were the TAGZ name not on them but so be it.

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From TYLT:

TAGZ are NFC stickers that allow you to create profiles and automatically change settings and launch apps by simply tapping your NFC-enabled phone on TAGZ.

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The package gives you some ideas for how you might use the stickers. You can, for example, have a Car Profile, an Office Profile, a Home Profile and a Bedside Profile. Once set up simply tapping your phone to that profile activates the unique settings for that location or activity.

For example, my Bedside Profile turns off the notifications, turns on Bluetooth, lowers the volume and activates the clock.

Features of the TYLT TAGZ:

  • NFC Enabled – includes Tagstand NFC launcher App for Android
  • 6 re-programmable NFC TAGZ stickers that can be placed anywhere!
  • Use NFC TAGZ to simplify the most complex set-ups or activations.

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To make the most of the TYLT TAGZ you need to be able to program their profiles and actions. The package states that the package “Includes a FREE NFC APP: NFC Task Launcher by Tagstand.” The instructions for getting the app tell you to tap a tag to the NFC location on the device to get started. I did that and for some reason that wasn’t the app that came up. This was…

Screenshot 2014 08 07 13 38 57

I tried it but ultimately ended up buying NFC Tools Pro. There are a host of different apps that should work but for me this one seemed to be best. From there I set about creating a number of different profiles and sticking the stickers in the locations that made the most sense. It took some time but was well worth the investment.

Better still, once I programmed the tag using the Sony Xperia Z2 phone I was also able to use the same profiles with my Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. I love having a phone and tablet that not only share the same core functions but also work within the same ecosystem.

TAGZ are available from the TYLT website. You can also purchase them for just over $18 through our [Affiliate Link] Amazon Store by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the TYLT TAGZ

What I Like: Six to a pack; Easy to program and use; Work with Multiple devices

What Needs Improvement: Would love if the TYLT name weren’t on them; $3 each may feel like a bit much

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