Samsung Gear S: Is a 2″ Curved Super AMOLED Screen Too Big?


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Samsung Gear S: Is a 2" Curved Super AMOLED Screen Too Big? Listen to this article

I got the chance to try on the just announced Samsung Gear S today, and while I love its brilliant 2″ curved Super AMOLED screen, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just a bit too big for me. Bear in mind that I usually wear a men’s full size watch, and yet I think this one swallows my wrist.

Gear Diary Samsung Gear S-004


I wrote about the Gear S last week; it not only uses WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to the wearer’s phone, it also has built-in 3G for those times when you aren’t near enough to your phone to connect. I suppose that a direct consequence of all of those radios and the bigger battery that it must support is its size … and let’s face it, it’s pretty huge. Here are some more pictures, including a comparison with my regular (non smart) watch.

While I do think that the Gear S is big, I also think it looks great, so if you are a guy (or gal) with an extra large wrist, then you might be able to pull this off!

Bonus pictures! Here are the Swarovski crystal watch bands for the Samsung Gear S and the new cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Something tells me that they are not meant to camouflage the size of either device! 😉




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