Rokform Fuzion Plus and Fuzion Plus RMS Cases Get Your Phone Off Its Butt

Own a phone or smart device and participate in an active lifestyle? Looking for unique new ways to go hands-free? You may want to check out Rokform and its new Rokform Fuzion Plus and Fuzion Plus RMS. Rokform makes phone cases and mounting systems for home and office as well as just about anything you can push, pedal, ride or drive.

Recently the California-based company sent me a review sample of its latest Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS cases to test on my iPhone5. They also make accessories for other Apple products as well as Samsung devices.

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Rokform Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS cases/Image by Author

The new Fuzion cases are designed to provide maximum protection for your phone and are machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum with a high-impact inner TPU flexible shell. They also feature Rokform’s unique integrated magnet (so don’t carry it near any sensitive items such as credit cards) that allow easy mounting to any ferrous metal object.

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Rokform Fuzion+ RMS

I thought this magnet feature very odd at first but with everything being solid state these days magnets have no adverse affect on electronics and since some folks are wearing them for possible health benefits, heck, the Rokform case in my pocket might actually be good for me.

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Going from a polycarbonate phone case to the Fuzion+ the first thing I noticed was the extra weight. Not enough to cause any stress or fatigue during long hours of use but it is noticeable. The Fuzion+ cases are primarily two-piece that includes the flexible inner shell and the machined outer form. The Fuzion+ back features an X-shaped rib design with the round magnet in the center while the Rockform Fuzion Plus RMS case has the Mounting System twist-and-click bayonet on the rear above the magnet in a sort of figure eight pattern. The metal finish is available in raw (bright), gunmetal and black finishes.

For those needing a rugged case but will never do much more than use your device handheld I recommend the Fuzion+ case. Those of you who will be taking your phone on great adventures will likely find the Fuzion+ RMS case to your liking as the mounting system allows endless hands-free opportunities for you and your device. And moms (and dads), you are going to love the stroller mount attachment.

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The RMS mounting bayonet on the back of the case allows for endless hands-free possibilities be it a tripod for still photo or video options, belt clip, handlebar mounting for bicycles, motorcycles or ATVs or suction cup mounting for car and truck glass. Heck, there is even an attachment for the end of your golf club to help improve your game. And for those of you not wishing to use the magnet mount or when no ferrous metal is available, Rokform offers adhesive mount bases that snap into the RMS cases.

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And this just in(ish) – Rokform has received a U.S. patent for its line of mountable protective cases and mountable accessories for mobile devices and tablets.

A note of caution for Fuzion Plus users – avoid leaving the rear of the case lying in direct sunlight as the metal outer shell will heat up very quickly.

Pricing for the Fuzion+ case is $89 and $99 for the Fuzion+ RMS unit and can be purchased online or at numerous cycling and motorcycle shops around the U.S. and globally.

If you lead more than a sedentary lifestyle, Rokform probably has you (more accurately, your phone) covered. You can check out all their products at

Apple TV   Apple TV   Apple TV   Apple TV   Apple TV   Apple TV

Rokform Fuzion+

Rokform Fuzion+ and Fuzion+ RMS cases

MSRP: Fuzion+ $89 USD, Fuzion+ RMS, $99 USD

What I Like: Solid feel, rugged case, countless mounting possibilities

What Needs Improvement: Magnet near sensitive materials, heat buildup on metal frame from direct sunlight

Source: The Rokform Fuzion Plusand Fuzion+ RMS cases were manufacturer supplied review units.

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