KNeoWORLD Arcade – Stimulating Workouts to Exercise Your Brain

Brain Training games gained popularity with the Nintendo DS and ‘Brain Age’, and have remained popular for two simple reasons – they work, and they’re fun! But after playing games that feel a little too close to taking a test, it is nice to step back and immerse yourself in something more game-like. That is where KNeoWORLD comes in! KNeoWORLD Arcade - Stimulating Workouts to Exercise Your Brain Now Available on iOS and Android

KNeoWORLD Arcade is a brain teaser module from the larger KNeoWORLD application. Here are some of the key features:

  • 70+ fun & smart games to choose from on the web
  • 30+ engaging games on your favorite mobile device
  • 100s of puzzles, hours of fun, real-world skills to learn
  • Earn badges and achievements and brag about them!
  • Leaderboards to keep track of your progress
  • No time limits imposed (unless your mom or a girlfriend insists)
  • Fun for all ages with the added benefit of brain training to boot!
  • COPPA compliant
  • No outside advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • INSTANT availability of all games

KNeoWORLD Arcade promises “Amazing Fun At Your Fingertips” – we have a review copy, so I will be testing that out in the coming weeks!

Where Can You Get KNeoWORLD Arcade?

iTunes – iPhone / iPad Universal App for $4.99

Google Play – for $4.99

[UPDATE: It appears the Google Play link is dead, and it appears the app was pulled. I will update this post when it is restored]

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  1. Mike, I’m trying to use the Play link, but it’s 404ing. I wonder if they pulled the game. =P

  2. Good catch – I put in an update. It clearly isn’t there based on searching the store as well. I will try to get more info. The iOS link works fine.

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