Kanex GoBuddy+: the Bottle Opener Keyring We’ll All Want

If you usually carry a bottle opener keyring, as so many of us do, then you could be getting so much more utility out of that doodad. A Kanex GoBuddy+ adds an emergency sync and charge cable with either a lightning port or microUSB connector, and yes — a bottle opener. Pretty nifty, right?

Kanex GoBuddy+ Charge and Sync Cable - the Bottle Opener Keyring We'll All Want

It will charge your device, open your cold beverage, and attach via included carabiner clip to your keys.

Kanex GoBuddy+ Charge and Sync Cable - the Bottle Opener Keyring We'll All Want

The Kanex GoBuddy+ is $24.95 for the Lightning version and $19.95 for the microUSB version; both come with that bottle opener keyring.

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4 Comments on "Kanex GoBuddy+: the Bottle Opener Keyring We’ll All Want"

  1. I use a Nomad Chargekey which does the same thing without cables (minus the bottle opener, something I have never needed to carry) and also attaches to a keyring. Have you ever seen one?

  2. Yes, we have covered the Chargekey in the past, but oddly enough I can’t find the post now. I think it was tied to a giveaway, and I am merciless about deleting those posts after a certain amount of time.

    How is it holding up for you? The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the charging post was a little bit short for my needs, but otherwise it was very handy. =)

  3. Good question. It was a gift from a friend who had bought a few of them. It stopped working after a while, and Nomad replaced it. Nomad also informed me of a new product they expect to release in November: it’s a credit card size plastic piece into which a thin lightning cable is lodged, and is of course designed to be carried in a wallet. BTW, are you and Dan associated because you both post photos of yourselves wearing sunglasses?

  4. I think I’e used a similar product to the one you are describing:


    It’s another situation where the charging post is a bit short, but it is definitely better than nothing when you need it.

    😆 There are plenty of pics of Dan and me out there without sunglasses on, but the pic of me at Las Vegas Speedway and the pic of him in Aruba are what we are going with right now. =)

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