Grovemade’s New Premium Apple Watch Dock Adds Flair to Your Nightstand

Grovemade is known for their innovative take on accessorizing your tech products, with everything from monitor stands for your MacBook down to speakers and even chargers for your iPhone. But one thing we’ve been waiting on the brand to make accessories for is the Apple Watch. And now Grovemade’s new Apple Watch dock adds a fresh take on making sure your smartwatch has power.

Grovemade’s New Premium Apple Watch Dock Adds Flair to Your Nightstand

The Apple Watch Dock by Grovemade is available in two different cork colors, both dark and light. I personally received the light color as I think it matches my Rose Gold Apple Watch more. The build quality of the dock itself is pretty amazing considering the fact it looks as simple as it does. Immediately you’ll notice that the dock is a bit of a paperweight in size, thanks to the stainless steel body that’s surrounded by the cork. The corking works not only for aesthetics, but at the base of the dock, the cork settles as a method to prevent sliding around on your nightstand, as well as protecting the surface you set it on from the metal scratching.

Grovemade, unfortunately, did not include an Apple Watch charger which was a bit of a bummer, so you’ll have to bring your own. Another caveat for me, however, is the fact you cannot wrap the cable underneath the puck if you settled for the longer Apple Watch charging cord.

One thing that really disappointed me is how fragile the centerpiece of the dock truly is. Being that the charger sits UNDERNEATH the corking, charging can definitely be hit or miss. In this case for me, I received a dud because, in attempts to make the charger sit more flush with the dock, the charger ended up going directly through the Grovemade dock exposing a ridiculously hideous hole that when not actually charging the device was unsightly. At $50 for a dock, this is something that you might want to be mindful of and make sure that you are super careful placing the charging cable in the back of the dock.

Grovemade’s New Premium Apple Watch Dock Adds Flair to Your Nightstand

Now the question is, would I recommend the dock? The answer is yes, and no. Yes, if you use a standard watch band like the silicone Apple Band. But you probably should not purchase if you frequently use the newer bands such as the Nike fitness straps, as they won’t completely sit flush while charging on the dock. If you would like to check out the Grovemade Apple Watch Dock, you can head directly to their site by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Super sleek and looks great on any surface

What Needs Improvement: The corking around the charging port is very sensitive, but can be hit or miss when charging

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