You’ll Never Run Out of Memory Again If You Have the Leef iBRIDGE

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I thought upgrading to a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus from a 64GB iPhone 5S would solve my constant struggle to balance music, photos, and apps with my device’s available memory, yet I’ve managed to hit a wall. I’ve actually seen the dreaded out of memory warning already; once I get the Leef iBRIDGE, it will no longer be a problem.

The Leef iBRIDGE has a Lightning connector on one side an a USB connector on the other. It has built-in storage so that you can “take files on the go or take pictures that can be transferred straight to the Leef iBRIDGE. You can even load music or movies onto it, so that you don’t have to store any of it on your phone.

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The iBRIDGE fits on any iOS device, and it is designed to work with any case. More information about pricing and memory sizes will be available in mid-November, with devices available before Christmas.

You'll Never Run Out of Memory Again if You Have the Leef iBRIDGE

You'll Never Run Out of Memory Again if You Have the Leef iBRIDGE


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