Timex Greets the Holiday Shopping Season with New Ironman Fitness Trackers!

Timex was the watch of my youth. From the watch that ‘took a licking and kept on ticking’ to self-winding watches to the Ironman series that brought ruggedness to the digital age, Timex has been there. Now they have expanded the Timex Ironman line with a connected fitness tracker (X20) and a slimline GPS watch (X20 GPS).

Timex Greets the Holiday Shopping Season with New Ironman Fitness Trackers!

The Timex Ironman Move X20 ($130) works seamlessly with your iOS or Android smartphone, and is an activity tracker that measures your movement all day, tracking workouts and even helps you stay on top of texts and calls. Some of the features include:

– All day activity monitor featuring 3D accelerometer technology
– Tracks and displays: steps, distance, calories, time of day and date
– Records total sleep time and the hours/minutes of light sleep and deep sleep
– Workout mode features tracking of: elapsed time, distance, pace, calorie expenditure and steps (speed available on app)
– Connects with free Timex phone app (iOS® and Android®) to display caller ID and texts
– Vibration alert for discrete wake up (in app, sleep mode must be set to “Auto” and wake up time entered)
– Find Phone feature activates audible alert on Smartphone
– Progress bar illustrates where you are in reference to goal settings (steps, distance and calories)
– Goal completion alerts (requires goal setup in Smartphone app)

Get more details or order the Ironman Move X20 for $130 here.

Timex Greets the Holiday Shopping Season with New Ironman Fitness Trackers!

The Timex IRONMAN Run x20 GPS ($100) features all of the advantages of a GPS running watch, but with the same ergonomic, streamlined fit of the sports watch. Some of the features include:

– Small, comfortable watch with easy-to-read display and easy-to-use menu
– Quick and reliable GPS provides real-time distance, pace, speed and calories burned
– Two customizable interval timers based on distance or time with selectable labels provide alerts during run/walk routines
– 10-Workout memory with dated summary
– Stopwatch with 99-lap counter can be customized to show 2 or 3 lines of information
– Automatic pace alerts after each mile or kilometer is completed

Get more details or order the Ironman Run x20 GPS for $100 here.

The features and looks of these devices are compelling – and with a strong brand like Ironman and solid reviews of their previous GPS watches, Timex looks ready to do battle against the competition from Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Polar, Runtastic and more. What do you think about these new fitness trackers?

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