Pitaka Has New Solutions for a Seamless Charging Experience

Pitaka makes some of my favorite iPhone accessories and cases; of course, most of the accessories can be used by many other smartphones that have wireless charging. Let’s take a look at some of the new products Pitaka was showcasing at CES.

AirCharge Trio

The AirCharge Trio wirelessly charges three phones or Qi-compatible devices. It is made from Kevlar and another premium metal alloy. While the price has not yet been decided, we’ll update with a link and total once they are known.

AirPod Pal (on Kickstarter now)

The AirPod Pal makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge, and find. When in the case, your AirPods switch from charging with a cable to being wirelessly charged; the case extends the AirPods battery life to one week, and the case can even operate as an emergency phone charger.

The AirPod Pal is designed to make your AirPods easier to use. It extends the possibilities of your AirPods: making them safer to carry anywhere, switching the wired charging to wireless charging, and increasing the battery life to one whole week.  Not only does the AirPod Pal improve your AirPods battery life, but it also doubles up as an emergency phone charger. You can get the AirPod Pal for as little as $29 ($20 off retail) on Kickstarter now.

Air Charge Essential

The Air Charge Essential wirelessly charges one phone or one Qi-compatible device (including the AirPodPal). It is made from Kevlar and another premium metal alloy. Price has not yet been decided.

AirCharge Quad

The AirCharge Quad wirelessly charges three devices at once — your iPhone (or another Qi-compatible smartphone or device), your iPad Pro (or another USB Type-C charged device), and your Apple Watch. The AirCharge Quad is MFI certified, and it is made from Kevlar and premium metal alloy. The price has not yet been decided.

AirCharge Tray

The AirCharge Tray wirelessly charges one phone or Qi-compatible device. It is made from Kevlar and another premium metal alloy, and the final price has not yet been determined.


More information about these sharp new charging bases will be available soon, and as soon as it is, we’ll update with links and prices. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Pitaka site.

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