Paxie Brings Wearables and GPS Tracking to Kids

Being a parent comes with a healthy side of worry. Are you feeding your child the right foods? Are you teaching them how to be a good person? Are they safe? SAFE Family is trying to address some of this with their new Paxie band wearable for children.

Paxie Brings Wearables and GPS Tracking to Kids

The Paxie is a combination activity tracker and GPS tracker. Parents can monitor if their kids are outside a designated boundary (say, their neighborhood or school), plus you can monitor activity, temperature and heart rate. That last part caught my eye after reading the company’s FAQ. They specifically mention that heart rate changes can indicate panic or an allergic reaction. If this band can really help remotely alert a parent to a child having a potential anaphylactic reaction, it would give a lot of allergy parents some slight peace of mind.

The band will come in about the same price as most wearables at $179, though there will be a monthly charge (to cover the GPS tracking and data transmission).

The truth is, there’s always something to worry about with your kids. Whether it’s where they are or how they feel, Paxie is designed to help alleviate that. It won’t be out until May, but it is definitely on my radar and I am sure other parents will want to learn more soon too! Keep your eyes peeled to Our Safe Family for more details.

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