Ion’s Clipster Active is a Superb, Versatile Bluetooth Speaker

Ion’s Clipster Active is a neat little portable Bluetooth speaker that can clip on to your gym bag or strap on to your bicycle. It’s single speaker pumps out surprisingly good sound while you can also use it to make phone calls with the built-in microphone. The Clipster Active can be used in many different ways and retails for $39.99.

Ion Clipster Active Cover

The Clipster Active comes with a removable active mount and adjustable strap for installation on bikes, strollers, and more. Built into the speaker is a metal carabiner-style clip that can quickly and easily attach to your belt loop, gym bag, or anything narrow. These two mounting options make the Clipster Active extremely versatile.

The Clipster Active also comes with a microUSB cable for charging. Another thing this little speaker has going for it is its weight. It weighs in at only 5.6 ounces including the active mount and strap.

1-Ion Clipster Active Gear Diary

The front of the Clipster Active contains all of the controls, which include the power button, volume up & down buttons, skip button, and play/pause/answer call button. The speaker grill is also on the front of the unit. The rear of the unit is bare other than the Ion logo and FCC info, etc. The microUSB charge port is on the side of the unit and is covered with a heavy rubber gasket to prevent water infiltration.

Did I mention the Clipster Active is IPX4-rated waterproof? Oh yes, that’s important to know for an active speaker. It’s waterproof for splashes of water from any angle, which means that you can use the speaker on your bike splashing through puddles or in light rain.

All of the package contents.

All of the package contents.

Combining the great price and all of the features of the Clipster Active; waterproof, great sound, multiple mounting/clipping options, lightweight, and easy to use controls, Ion has really found themselves a winner in this unit. It’s a versatile speaker that can be used in many different ways for many different purposes. For instance, it’s made to be used mostly for biking or working out, but I plan on hooking it up to our baby stroller to be used when we are out for walks with our daughter. It’s really a perfect solution for us.

A sideview showing the adjustable strap.

A sideview showing the adjustable strap.

I’m very impressed by the Clipster active and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small, lightweight, and easy to use active speaker. It can be used in a multitude of different ways and the sound is truly very good for such a small speaker.

You can purchase the Clipster Active directly from Ion at their website.

Source: The Ion Clipster Active was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Lightweight; Versatile; Great sound; Easy to use; Solid construction.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing.

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