Griffin Introducs Cable Management Collection at CES 2015

Most of us have several cables we carry or use throughout the day be they charging cables, headphone cables or data cables. Unfortunately, they all tend to create a mess in the bag, on your desk and in your car.  Griffin aims to change that at CES with a new collection of cable management accessories.


The first one I will talk about is actually part guide, part building block system called Guide.  Shipping in Q2 2015, the Guide will range from $29.99 on up.  It consists of a steel base and 3 different magnetic pieces that can be moved around to accommodate different cable sizes.  The Guide is designed to be used primarily on your desk at home.



The Car connection kit featuring the Clip has a powercord, aux audio cable and the clip that can hold both in place in your car.  The kit should ship next month direct from Griffin.


Also shipping in February is Griffin’s new Sleeve.  Sleeve is designed to bundle 3-4 cables into one bundle of cables and will be available in 1 ft, 1.5 ft and 2ft lengths and will range in price from $7.99 to $9.99.


Lastly is Griffin’s Hanger. Hanger is designed to be stuck into your car’s air-conditioning vents and is designed to hold your cables in a more organized fashion when not in use. The hanger will be $4.99 direct from Griffin.

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