The TrackR Bravo Makes Sure You Never Lose Anything Again

The TrackR Bravo is not one of those little monkey leashes that you see parents have on their child while at the mall, but it’s something like it.

The TrackR Bravo Makes Sure You Never Lose Anything Again

The Trackr Bravo launched last week and will be more than enough competition for its foe, Tile. Trackr Bravo is a Bluetooth-powered tracking device that has one purpose. To help you stop misplacing things. The item-tracking device will make sure you always know where your belongings are. Small enough to not be in the way, but noticeable enough to seen, the tracker can be put on virtually anything you can thing of – keys, pets, bikes, purses, wallets, laptops, diaper bags, suitcases, tablets, golf bags and anything else you want to locate in a hurry. The brushed-aluminum tracking device can also come in steel, black, rose gold and sky blue. Also its companion app, which integrates with Nest, is also available for iTunes and Android.

The TrackR Bravo Makes Sure You Never Lose Anything Again

Coupled with a TrackR app, when you need to locate something quickly, you just click on the item that you’re looking for from your smartphone. TrackR uses a Bluetooth distance indicator to locate missing items within 100 feet and can ring bravo from the app using the manual alarm. Users can even ring their phone, even if it’s on silent, directly from their TrackR bravo to find phones hidden in between seat cushions. TrackR will also track things out of Bluetooth range using the TrackR Crowd GPS database made up of thousands of TrackR users. TrackR bravo uses a low-cost replaceable battery that lasts for up to a year as well. Replacement batteries mean you won’t have to purchase a new device every year, which is a good thing.

“Technology long ago streamlined organization and inventory management for companies, while consumers have been left to use arcane methods like key hooks to keep track of the items that matter most to them,” says Chris Herbert, TrackR CEO & Co-Founder. “We envision a world where you can keep a database of your most important possessions and find them with the touch of a button. With TrackR bravo, we created a new kind of personal inventory management system to do just that, by tracking items using your smartphone.”

The TrackR Bravo Makes Sure You Never Lose Anything Again

TrackR bravo is iOS and Android compatible and a single device costs $29.99. Multiple accessories are available including a water-proof case/pet collar attachment and a high-end metal key loop A customizable set of three accessories is available for $19.


– Diameter: 31mm

– Thinness: 3.5mm

– Battery Life: 1 year

– Tracks up to 10 items depending on mobile device

– Battery Type: Replaceable CR1616 Battery

– Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

– Bluetooth range: 100ft

– Crowd GPS range: Worldwide

– Compatible with iPhone 4s & Later, iPad 3rd Generation & Later and Android 4.4 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy

– $29.99

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