Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion ‘Eighty’

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With Spring now in full bloom, that can only mean one thing — and that’s vacation! Now you can prepare the easiest way possible with the new travel App, Eighty.

Eighty / Always-On Travel from Eighty on Vimeo.


Eighty is an always-On travel companion app that allows you to receive early booking alerts and notifications for your vacations and getaways.

Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion 'Eighty'              Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion 'Eighty' Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion 'Eighty'

The app is designed to help travelers enjoy inspiration-seeking and the sharing phase of vacations and getaways. With features like the ability to build a travel wish list, you can remember to pick up that bottle of Scotch from overseas, or just simply jot down things you need to take in your suitcase. You can even play around with destinations, places and accommodations, and save all of the small details for when you’re ready to travel.

Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion Eighty

Eighty lets users browse and share things on their wish lists, and get feedback from family and friends. A simple swipe right will let you save things to your wish list, while swiping left skips them.

Get Around the World Faster with Travel Companion Eighty

You can also create Trips and set up travel alerts if you’re on the hunt for the best deal on a flight, or lodging. Eighty will search every single hotel and flight on Earth every day, as well as alert you if the price drops, so you can book it immediately.

  • Build your unique Travel Wishlist
  • Set up a travel alert in 20 seconds
  • Get alerted when prices go down and book at the right moment

Download Eighty in the App Store for free today.

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