Keep Your Earbuds NEET and Tangle Free with This Cable Keeper


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There’s nothing worse than having tangled headphones. And regardless of what anyone tells you, tangle-free doesn’t work 100% of the time either. So when Peter Chin launched the NEET Cable Keeper Go, a solution to tangled earbuds through Kickstarter, we had to take a glance.

Recognized at the 2015 National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Organizer’s Choice Awards as the “Best in Show,” the NEET Cable Keeper Go is designed to universally fit any and all earbuds. Structured to organize and protect your cables, the colorful fabric that makes up a NEET keeper makes it easy to recognize your earphones. One end of the NEET is flared and allows you to feed your cables through with the full zipper providing enough room to store if you need it. Surprisingly the NEET Cable Keeper Go even works for sports buds as well as L shaped headphones like you would find on Beats By Dre.

Keep Your Earbuds NEET And Tangle Free With This Cable Keeper

Another bonus to the Neet is the fact that the structure wire makes it so you can use the cable keeper as a phone stand. So you can now watch movies and such with your phone’s headphones. Novel idea right? Peter likes to think so.

Keep Your Earbuds NEET And Tangle Free With This Cable Keeper

“Throughout the years our dependence on high tech mobile devices has grown so much. And with those high tech gadgets we have a bunch of cables. Those cables tend to get tangled and become inconvenient. I tried different methods to organize my cables but none of the methods really fit me. Then I went shopping for a gift for my wife. It was a long necklace and the clerk had a funny way of wrapping it so it wouldn’t tangle. I thought nothing of it. Two weeks later, in the middle of the night, I had a ‘EUREKA’ moment. The next morning I went to the craft store and bought supplies.”

Keep Your Earbuds NEET And Tangle Free With This Cable Keeper

We all have suffered with tangled earbuds and the NEET Cable Keeper Go will prevent tangles, as well as give you a nice stand. And if you’d like to grab yourself some, you can head over to their Kickstarter page today. Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Pink, if you pledge $20 or more, you will receive all four colors.

Keep Your Earbuds NEET And Tangle Free With This Cable Keeper

So pledge today!!

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