Rokform RokFolio Case for iPhone 6: Good Name, Good Folio

Some days I just sit and wonder what marketing departments were thinking when they come up with names for products. And then there is the RokFolio, the new wallet/folio case from Rokform that is now available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. RokFolio features the patented Rokform Mounting System and magnetic grip in a wallet/folio style case.

Rokform RokFolio Folio Case/Images courtesy Rokform

Rokform RokFolio Folio Case/Images courtesy Rokform

The new RokFolio is made of a durable tactile material to wrap around the dual compound six-sided polycarbonate case shell that features a softer shock absorbing inner liner. The case cover holds up to three credit or ID type cards in inside pockets and folds flat onto the face of the device. A magnetic flap holds the cover closed when your device is not in use.


At the rear of the case is the heart of the Rokform RMS system that allows this case to be locked into any one of the Rokform v3 mounts or accessories that attach to dashboards, handlebars, windshields, etc. The internal case magnet allows RokFolio to attach magnetically to ferrous metals but can be removed if not needed or to reduce a slight amount of weight from the case.


The case itself installs quickly and easily around your phone and features oversized openings around the bottom of the phone for easy access to speaker, microphone and plugs. The fold over cover of the RokFolio does have a cutout for the earpiece of your phone so one only needs to open the cover to answer or make a phone call and for the duration of the conversation the case can remain closed.


While using your iPhone as a smart device the cover will fold behind the phone when held vertically or gravity will allow it to fall below when using the device in a horizontal aspect. You can also lean your device back on the cover when opened to view videos on the screen.


Currently, RokFolio is only available in black but it is a low sheen, non-slip finish that is durable and attractive. Pricing for the iPhone 6 Folio is $45 MSRP and the iPhone 6 Plus Folio is priced at $54 MSRP. Rokform states the RokFolio is capable of withstanding a six-foot drop for device protection. More information on this and other Rokform products is available at their site.

Source: Rokform RokFolio Case for iPhone 6 review sample was provided by manufacturer

What I Like: Quality feel; durable materials; ease of device installation and use

What Needs Improvement: Cover flap tension does not always allow the case to be used as video stand

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