Sandbox Action Game ‘Windward’ Set on the High Seas Arrives on PC

I still remember a decade ago when a friend convinced me to put down money for Sid Meier’s Pirates! I’d never played the original or any other game in the genre – yet I instantly fell in love. So when I heard about Windward, which takes things to the next level, I was thrilled. Now Windward is out on Steam!



Windward, an action-packed sandbox game set on the crystal blue waters of the open ocean, has exited early access and launched on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Gamers begin with a small ship that can be upgraded into a formidable vessel specializing in offense, defense or support in an immersive single player or MMO experience. At the helm, players can create their own adventures or complete quests.

Windward Game Features:
  • Thrilling Naval Combat – Battle pirates, NPCs and other players; raid the lands of rival factions and defend your own cities
  • Relaxing Gameplay – Explore beautiful uncharted waters, become a master merchant or establish peace as a diplomat
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Form a fleet with friends for epic battles or peacefully sail the open seas together
  • Beautiful Procedurally Generated World – A unique experience during every campaign filled with tropical paradises and frigid icy waters
  • Modifiable Map – Build new towns, disrupt stable regions and alter terrain
  • Deep customization – Three separate skill trees with 30 talents that players can put more than 100 talent points into

You can grab the game now on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. The regular price is $14.99, but it is currently on sale for $12.74!

Check out the trailer:

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