Over the Rainbow for iPhone/Touch Review

Over the Rainbow for iPhone/Touch Review

When I play games on iOS devices, I usually prefer puzzle style games. I noticed Over The Rainbow was on sale for free so I figured it could not hurt to download and give it a try. Despite the cute, childish theme and design, it was quite fun for an old football coach. As you will see, the game is super easy to play, but becomes challenging and addictive as you work through the levels. Let’s take a look!

Over the Rainbow for iPhone/Touch Review

Over The Rainbow puts the player as a cute water droplet that is dropped from a rain cloud. The goal is to safely guide the droplet to the earth where it will grow a beautiful tree. To control the flight if the drop, simply tilt the phone from side to side. The controls are very accurate with no lag and the ability to move the drop quickly or slowly. The developers did a great job with the physics in making the game controls easy and effective.

– 15 levels
– Endless mode
– Hardcore mode
– 40+ new fancy attires
– Game Center support

Over the Rainbow for iPhone/Touch Review

As the cute little droplet plummets to earth, many obstacles will try to keep it from watering the earth and growing the tree. Several types of clouds, birds and even changing winds will require complete concentration and perfect execution to reach the ground. On the drop, pick up extra points by collecting gems and rainbows. The rainbows can be later traded to dress up the droplets. Customize with outfits, helmets and glasses to make the drops even more cute. Tornadoes will also give the drops a boost making them super powered and able to plow through the evil clouds. Make sure your friends also download so you can all compare scores on GameCenter.

Over the Rainbow for iPhone/Touch Review

For a free game, Over The Rainbow truly delivers. The controls are easy to use, and super accurate, making the game fun to play. This type of game is not new by any means, but the theme used is unique and fun. For those who like customizing, bling out your droplets as you gain more rainbows. The first few levels are easy which kind of trains you for the game, then the difficulty picks up. Once the game is easily defeated, a Hard level is available to test your true skill.  Over The Rainbow is free here in the app store for a limited time so go get it now.  You cannot go wrong with the price!

What I like: Unique theme with great controls.  GameCenter!!

What could be improved: I do hope they add more levels soon.

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