The TruRunner Belt by Bracketron Isn’t Your Average Fanny Pack

Let’s be brutally honest, you will never catch me with a fanny pack on. Ever. But an issue that always presents itself when I’m running outside comes up, that is the jingling keys in my shorts pockets.

I try to be a minimalist when it comes to my running, so when I had the opportunity to review the Bracketron TruRunner Belt I was personally excited. And so was my girlfriend. So much so I didn’t actually have a chance to actually wear the TruRunner myself more than once, so this might actually be our first review, together, on a product, so you know it’s unbiased.

The TruRunner Belt By Bracketron Isn't Your Average Fanny Pack

The TruRunner is essentially a more cool, less nerd looking fanny pack, that sits on your lower back when you run. When I run I carry my phone, my keys, and a $20 bill in case I get too tired on my run and might possibly need to buy a water, or hail a cab if there’s a downpour or something. I’ve tried out a few similar products on LivingSocial that either didn’t fit the bill, or honestly just looked funny, with odd things like reflectors, engraved names, or tried to stand out entirely too much.

The TruRunner Belt By Bracketron Isn't Your Average Fanny Pack

TruRunner is waterproof, weatherproof, and very durable. The pouch itself is water-repellent so if you do get caught in the rain you can know that your items will be protected to some extent. This isn’t to say go out during a storm and run six miles, but you can feel safe leaving your iPhone in the pouch with your keys and running outdoors. Face it, those armband things look way more silly, and even though they keep the phone sturdy, they aren’t entirely practical.

The TruRunner Belt By Bracketron Isn't Your Average Fanny Pack

Obviously attempting to fit a phone in this won’t work at all.

Running with the TruRunner, especially with headphones was easy. I left a bit of space on in the pouch for my corded headphones to extend (a problem you won’t have if you go wireless, but that’s besides the point). The elastic belt is wide enough for the average person and can be expanded on which was pretty nice to consider since everyone isn’t the same size. If you’re a fan of running without having your phone in your hand, the TruRunner is THAT accessory that is simply the best decision!

The TruRunner Belt By Bracketron Isn't Your Average Fanny Pack

However wearing a couple of dollars and some snacks for for your run, and even your keys works as well.

One issue that I did have with the TruRunner is that it’s not really built to sit on your waistline. My girlfriend didn’t have this problem (great for her), but for me, running fast at a distance, the TruRunner tends to raise up and move around a bit, regardless of how it’s seated. This is something that cannot be fixed, but it’s understandable since the TruRunner is still, at the end of the day, a stylish fanny pack.

The TruRunner Belt By Bracketron Isn't Your Average Fanny Pack

Would I suggest purchasing it still? Depending on if you hate carrying items in your hand, this is a must have. Otherwise, it’s just another accessory that might make you seem as if you’re trying a bit too hard to look like you’re training for a marathon.

The Bracketron TruRunner Belt is available for $19.99 directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Sample

What I liked: I could fit my iPhone 6 Plus, set of keys & a pack of gummis in as a snack

What Needs Improvement: The included reflectors cannot be seen at certain angles; loose fitting while in motion sometimes.

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  1. This looks like a less useful version of the SPIbelt. A SPIbelt can swallow just about everything-I have yet to find a phone that it cant comfortably hold while running.

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