Still Spicing Things up with the Dame Eva II Stimulator

Featuring more improved flexible wings that tuck in that special place of your special someone, the Dame Eva II improves on what we adults love most: intimacy.

Still Spicing Things up with the Dame Eva II Stimulator

Smaller and lighter doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing with the Eva II, as Dame took an already innovative design by making the wings a bit more durable and more flexible. They can now tuck under the labia, the Eva will sit at the top, giving your partner the ability to place the Eva II with ease or guide it accordingly.

As we’ve previously enjoyed the original Eva, one of the biggest problems we found with it was the awkward charging port, which has been rectified with its own portable charging case, so you can toss it in your luggage with ease.

Still Spicing Things up with the Dame Eva II Stimulator

Available in two colors now (Quartz and Fir Green), the Dame Eva II, in practice, is even better than its sibling, all while giving similar features such as being waterproof, having three speeds, it’s whisper quiet, and what’s more fun. It has a partner option, so you don’t necessarily even need that special someone to be present. To be honest, you don’t even need hands. It’s been a delight to use, and that’s not just me talking…

The Dame Eva II Sells for $135; it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Charging base is a LOT better than the external cable; Quieter than the original version

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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