Incipio’s Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

There’s one thing that I’ve always thought that I could do a bit better in, and that’s packing for smaller weekend trips where I only need a few things to last three or four days. So I searched for weekender bags because well … It’s just for the weekend right?

So when I had the opportunity to review Incipio’s Nylon Weekender Travel Bag, just in time for a wedding I had to attend, I made sure to get it just in time to pack up.

After receiving the weekender, I will say it reminded me more of a briefcase than an actual weekender bag, which had me a bit skeptical at first glance. There was only one strap that when attached to the opposite end of the bag, looked similar to a messenger which was pretty interesting, as I love me a good messenger bag.

Incipio's Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

The Incipio bag has enough zipper compartments, including one on the rear of the bag that you can tuck the clip and strap that turn the bag into a shoulder bag; I use it to store my iPhone cables.

Incipio's Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

Inside of the main bag it was VERY spacious, however. So much so that I was able to carry two nice linen shirts for the beach wedding I had the opportunity to attend, as well as two pairs of Bermuda shorts, a pair of glasses, and a hat. I tried not to carry much in my weekender, because although a very durable looking bag, it is rather soft. Soft, meaning, there’s no actual secure spot on the front or the back of the bag to support things I typically carry, most importantly my laptop.

Incipio's Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

The Weekender has a compartment on the front accessible through a zipper on the front of the bag that will fit 17-inch laptops, if you still carry around something that large. I carry around an 11-inch Macbook Air when I travel, and although it fit without a hitch, I actually used the laptop compartment for things that mattered for the case, like an external battery charger, since I’d be on the beach all day, and the little things like lotion and sunblock.

I did appreciate the inside of the Weekender having a window inside of the bag that would let you separate your clean versus your dirty clothes. Little things like these are sometimes forgotten, even on smaller carry-on luggage like the bag that accompanied my Incipio Weekender.

Incipio's Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

The Incipio Weekender is a beautiful bag that honestly should be your second carry on if you have a business trip and you’re not the type to carry around a backpack. Minus the fact that the straps and the clip for the Weekender will not attach on or around your suitcase, I did rig it where I clipped the bag around the handle of my bag, which worked, but added a very strange look to how I toted the necessities for the weekend. The fact that I can turn it into a backpack with the straps, on top of using it as a weekender, or simply carrying it in hand make this a beautiful bag to have.

Incipio's Weekender Bag Is a Classy Way to Get Away

At $129, it’s certainly not the cheapest travel bag on the market, but it looks damn good, matches almost everything, and will make sure your “nice” clothes will not end up wrinkled and stuffed in your main suitcase.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The bag itself is very well-built and fits about 2-3 days of clothes

What Needs Improvement: Possibly a plate for the back of the bag to further support things like a laptop

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  1. This bag offers 3 ways to carry it – a handle, a shoulder strap, and hidden straps to turn it into a backpack. That is a key feature for a one-bag traveler – or anyone who is looking for a flexible travel carry-on.

    How is it fail to even mention this in your review?

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