Moshi iVisor AG: Screen Protection for your iPad Air 2

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Moshi iVisor AG: Screen Protection for your iPad Air 2 Listen to this article

If you’ve got an iPad Air 2 and you have a cover on it, you might think that’s enough to protect your screen. Maybe it is … but why take the chance? Putting a screen protector on your iPad is reasonable insurance against a scratched or cracked screen, and a protector like the Moshi iVisor AG can help.

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Touted for being 100% bubble free (it is), reducing fingerprints and smudges (it does), allowing better touch-screen maneuverability (maybe), and being washable for repeated reapplications (it is), the Moshi iVisor AG comes in an unassuming package that includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning your iPad’s screen before and after application.

Unlike most protectors I’ve used, the Moshi has a border that surrounds the iPad’s screen. Available in black or white, you can order the color that matches your iPad, or you can change things up a bit if, let’s say, you have the white iPad and you find the white border around your screen distracting.

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Application is very easy: just line up the camera and home buttons, then lay the protector down. If you don’t get things right, you can just pull it up and try again.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

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Newly fitted for iPad Air 2, iVisor AG is an anti-glare screen protector that has been expertly designed to protect your iPad Air’s display while also reducing annoying glare and smudges. Unlike other matte screen protectors that are tedious to install, iVisor has patented technology for a 100% bubble-free, effortless installation. iVisor AG is surface-treated to provide enhanced scratch protection, fingerprint/smudge resistance, and anti-glare properties while still retaining clarity.

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There’s no denying that once installed the Moshi iVisor AG provides a lovely viewing and touch experience. The warranty is good, and it’s reusable; At $29.95, it is affordable protection.

The Moshi iVisor AG retails for $29.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer as well as from other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easily installed with no bubbles; Can be removed, washed, and reused; Very smooth on the fingertips; Anti-glare

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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