The Ainste Evan Wallet Is Minimalistic and RFID-Friendly!

A fan of minimalism, one thing I love about small wallets is the ability to carry only the bare necessities with me. So when I had the opportunity to review Ainste’s Even Wallet Mini, I was surprised at how great it worked out.

The Evan Wallet by Ainste's Is Minimalistic, and RFID-Friendly!

The wallet is designed to really be a business card holder, but naturally I use it as my carry for all of my credit and debit cards. There are two versions of this wallet, one being RFID so you can block out people trying to steal your information, and the non-RFID version, which is the one that I received. I prefer non-RFID wallets, not because I don’t believe my identity will be stolen, but because I commute via train to and from work, so fumbling through my cards to take it out of a RFID-blocking wallet is counterproductive.

The Evan Wallet by Ainste's Is Minimalistic, and RFID-Friendly!

Compared to an iPhone 6 Plus, with about 11 cards in it, the wallet is just a TAD bit larger in size but still very functional and light in your pocket. Here are the dimensions of the Regular sized version of the Evan Wallet compared to the smaller version that I have:

The Evan Wallet by Ainste's Is Minimalistic, and RFID-Friendly!

The Ainste came with the actual ID wallet and the pocket wallet.

Dimensions: Regular – 9 cm X 7.1 cm X 0.5 cm

Small – 9 cm X 6.3 cm X 0.5 cm

Weight: Regular – 0.8 ounces Small – 0.7 ounces

The Evan Wallet by Ainste's Is Minimalistic, and RFID-Friendly!

The back of the ID wallet itself will house up to three credit or debit cards, aside from the ID card.

Ainste makes it known that you can fold cash and pit it in your wallets included rubber band, and that reminded me honestly of those “LiveStrong” bands that were so popular a few years ago which held all of the cards in place securely. They also say that you can also fold it once if you like but I prefer to just fold it twice. IF you do decide to put money into the Ainste wallet just folded over once, do know that it might only fit a good four or five bills. Twice folded you will get a bit more.

The Evan Wallet by Ainste's Is Minimalistic, and RFID-Friendly!

I can easily fit 11 cards in here, with one held by the elastic band!


The genuine leather case is actually pretty nice, and available in Tan or Brown. If you want more color options there’s a Saffiano leather version that comes in Black, Dark Brown, Blue, White, Purple, and Red. At $38.00 it’s a great wallet to have, regardless if you have one card or ten.

For more information head over to Ainste’s website today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Non-RFID friendly, elastic band is secure.

What Needs Improvement: Would like the ID slot wallet to be apart of the Ainste as well.

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