Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

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If you’ve been looking for a wallet that holds just the essentials, one that you won’t end up losing, Nomad’s Slim Wallet with built-in Tile Integration is the only wallet that you’ll ever need.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

The $79.95 Slim Wallet is quite possibly the slimmest wallet that I’ve ever used. Prior to it, I used a bulky leather wallet with a zipper to hold virtually every single card I could carry. While it’s great to have all of the cards that you own on you and handy whenever you need them, the tradeoff is bulk and weight.

For those inquiring, the Tile Slim does come in the wallet, and like most of Tile’s track finders, the battery will last roughly a year before needing to be replaced. At that point, you can use the “ReTile Program” which will give you discounted rates on a new Tile Slim. The Tile itself is located in a nylon sleeve to the left side of the inside of the wallet, it’s accessed by pulling back on the upper half and pulling it out.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

I love the Tile integration, especially for the ability to find your wallet when it’s been misplaced. I’ve found that using the companion Tile app is helpful in finding my wallet by ringing it when I’m at home and I’ve laid my wallet down and forgot about it.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

Inside the Slim Wallet, you’ll be able to comfortably house up to 12 cards. It goes without saying that that’s up to 12 standard cards, so if you have one of those nifty metal cards, or if you’re like me and put your job’s ID card inside of your wallet so you won’t lose it, that twelve card limit can become 9-10 pretty quick. Nomad, for what it’s worth, recommends seven cards for daily use without picking up additional bulk.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

There’s also the option of placing cash inside of the pocket should you so choose, but I never carry cash so I couldn’t really tell you how that works.

Like all of Nomad’s products, the wallet’s Horween leather develops a patina over time; since the vegetable-tanned leather is “imbued” (a word I should really use more often how cool it sounds) with various oils and waxes, the patina of the case ages perfectly the more you pull it in and out of your wallet. The black model that I received looks great, and I personally cannot wait for it to age a bit — giving it the aged look that makes carrying a leather wallet so special. The Slim Wallet is available in brown as well, which goes great with items like Nomad’s iPhone or Pixel leather phone cases.

Nomad’s Slim Wallet Review: Minimalism That You’ll Never Lose

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing one of Nomad’s Slim Wallets, head over to Nomad’s site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slim profile that holds the cards I use the most

What Needs Improvement: Ironically, I think this would be a great wallet in blue

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