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October 7, 2010 • Reviews

iPhone 4 Case/Wallet Review: eHolster Front Pocket Wallet


Since winning a recent bout with back-pain I’ve begun, at the recommendation of my chiropractor, carrying my wallet in my front pants pocket. It lives in the right side of my trousers while my iPhone lives in the left. That presents a problem when it comes time to place my keys somewhere. I don’t want to put my keys in the same pocket as my iPhone for fear that they will scratch it and there isn’t much room left in the pocket where my wallet is stored. The result? I often times carry my keys on my belt or ask my wife to stick them in her purse for me. Neither solution is optimal.

When I saw the eHolster iPhone Front Pocket Wallet I knew I’d found a good alternative. The wallet allows you to store credit cards, coins, bills and other items along with your iPhone in a sturdy leather sleeve. If you know me at all you know how much I love convergence. With the eHolster Wallet I’ve combined my iPhone and wallet into one and freed up valuable pocket space.

Before using the eHolster Wallet I carried this. Not a ton of stuff by any means but still enough to take up both the front pockets of my trousers.


When I transferred everything into the eHolster I ended up with this instead.


The eHolster Wallet features two credit card slots on the front, each which can accommodate multiple cards as well as one ID, see-thru slot as well. On the back there’s a soft, expanding pouch meant for your iPhone. Expanding is important because that’s what allows it to work with your iPhone 4 with a Bumper Case on or without one on.


Once I had everything stuffed inside the eHolster the result was certainly thicker than my wallet alone but I’m now able to place everything into one side of my pants leaving the other side free for my keys, receipts, gum, or anything I wish to place there.

The wallet also features a zippered pouch along the top. I used this for my bills as it’s the most secure spot.


Here’s everything I had stored inside the eHolster and I still had plenty of room to spare. My iPhone 4, cash, 2 credit cards, 1 debit card, Starbucks Card, Health Insurance Card, Driver’s License, 2 automobile registrations, 2 auto-insurance cards.


The eHolster Front Wallet with iPhone Pocket is available directly from the eHolster web site by clicking here. It’s currently on sale for $34.95 (down from $39.95). If you carry your wallet in your front trouser pocket, or have been thinking of starting to do so and need a place to store your iPhone (or other similarly sized device) too this is something worth checking out. I’m all about combining things whenever possible and the eHolster wallet allows my to take two precious items and join them together in a way that’s very functional.

M.S.R.P. – $39.95 (on sale at time of review for $34.95)

What I like – Allows for combining of wallet and cell phone. Good for those who carry wallet in front pocket.

What I don’t like – Can become thick.

2 Responses to " iPhone 4 Case/Wallet Review: eHolster Front Pocket Wallet "

  1. Josh R. Tai says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been wanting and needing. I was just about to pull the trigger on it, but unfortunately the cheapest shipping cost to Alaska is $30.46. That is just ridiculous. I won’t pay over thirty dollars in shipping for something they could probably toss in an envelope and ship for a few dollars.

    This sort of thing just boggles my mind. I hate having my shopping experiences ruined by horrendous shipping charges.

  2. Daniel Chow says:

    iPhone 4 Case/Wallet Review: eHolster Front Pocket Wallet #iphone

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