iClever’s Budget Bluetooth Headphones Review: Affordable and Comfortable

Face it, the summer is over but that doesn’t change the fact that you should still attempt to stay in shape even that it’s getting colder outside. Regardless if you’re hitting the gym or even just walking outside while bundled up, iClever’s Wireless 4.1 Sports Headphones might be for you.

After receiving a pair to review, I have to say that they a pretty nice, AND affordable pair of headphones for those of you who hate having to be tied to your phones, even when it’s in your pocket. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than attempting a long run on a treadmill and having that swaying cable dangling from your chest.


The iClever Bluetooth 4.1 headphones come with a build in mic and APTX offer up a comfortable listening experience all in a simple design to go with it’s more than reasonable price. Now on Amazon for the price of $26.99, the headphones are a perfect pair for those who like to sweat and not have to worry about spending a fortune on wireless headphones and regretting it when that “splash proof” label on the box didn’t quite get the fact that you might sweat buckets.


The specs of the iCleaver headphones are pretty simple:

CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chipset and Apt-X technology

Can pair 2 devices simultaneously

CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology

0.58oz weight

Battery life: up to 7h music playback / 5h conversation per full charge

The headphones are very lightweight as you might see from the photo. Thanks to the design, the fingerprint of the headphones has one thing I didn’t think I would appreciate is having the buttons all on the right earpiece versus having them in-line on the cable itself. With the volume buttons, on top of the main control button being the three. This makes changing the song track or even just adjusting the volume for me a bit easier while on a run than reaching for the cable and possibly pulling the cable from my ear. There’s a microUSB jack on the left ear which is completely covered as well.


Each earbud comes with an interchangeable tip that although not noise cancelling, will be able to slightly avoid outside sound at the right volume level. iClever even went to lengths of including ear locks that make slipping out of your ear while sweating less of a problem.


While the volume levels and audio quality certainly isn’t that of a more expensive brand, iClever certainly gets it done with their 4.1 Sports in battery life. I can easily take these to work and listen to my podcasts for a full eight hours, charge them up right before I leave for the day for thirty minutes, and have enough battery to go for a 30 minute run. And did I mention how COMFORTABLE they are?


Synching the headphones is pretty seamless, but does take a bit of patience, but the initial setup was flawless. But once connected everything was smooth as butter.

Overall you can’t really get much better for less than $30 for wireless headphones. iClever actually creates great products for a reasonable price, and the trend hasn’t changed with these. They are comfortable, charge up fast, and the unique volume control ON ear is ingenious.

Get yourself a pair today!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Volume on ear

What Needs Improvement: nothing

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