Boogie Board Announces Play n’ Trace Educational LCD eWriter for Kids!


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Boogie Board Announces Play n' Trace Educational LCD eWriter for Kids! Listen to this article

Boogie Board, manufacturers of LCD eWriters that write similar to pen and paper, have announced their latest eWriter innovation, the Play n’ Trace. It’s a see-through eWriter for kids that is meant to promote creativity while developing motor, communication, and writing skills through a companion iPad app. Featuring a dual-tipped stylus, Play n’ Trace is available today for $29.99!

Boogie Board Announces Play n' Trace Educational LCD eWriter for Kids

Founded in 2010, Boogie Board is a leader in creating eWriters that help us all write, draw, create, doodle, and keep lists in an eco-friendly and fun way. Dr. Albert Green, CEO of Kent Displays, Boogie Board’s parent company, had the following to say about Play n’ Trace:

“Our Boogie Board eWriters have been a source of fun and inspiration for children in the classroom and at home for years. Following the success of our reinvented Jot 8.5, we sought to propel the market even further, developing the first eWriter truly dedicated to children, encouraging visual motor integration. The Boogie Board Play n’ Trace is the perfect tool to help kids develop crucial motor skills, while masking their learning in a fun, clever package.”

Play n’ Trace is highly durable and easy to use without the need to charge or plug anything in. All you do is write on the translucent screen with either the included dual-tip stylus or your fingernail and then erase the screen with the touch of a button.

Boogie Board Announces Play n' Trace Educational LCD eWriter for Kids

Here are some of Play n’ Trace’s defining features:

  • First-of-its-kind translucent LCD writing screen
  • Artist’s palette form-factor
  • Boogie Board writing experience
  • Clean fun, no need for messy markers or crayons
  • Extensive 5-year battery life
  • Many options for fun: 5 Play n’ Trace accessory packs are sold, including: Learning Pack, Sea Life, Farm Friends, Space Adventures, Princess Dream. Each accessory pack includes 2 reusable cling scenes, 1 brush stylus, and 6 tracing templates.
Boogie Board Announces Play n' Trace Educational LCD eWriter for Kids

Play n’ Trace’s Accessories


In Boogie Board’s dedication to encouraging children to learn while playing, they’ve partnered with Excellent Play, a global leader of scientific research about play, learning, and child development, to develop Boogie Board’s free iPad activity app for children ages 3-10. The app includes unique lesson plans that utilize the Play n’ Trace’s translucent screen and it grows as your child grows, with 6 functional areas, including: Directions, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Feelings, and Letters/Writing.

You can check out Boogie Board’s Play n’ Trace for yourself but be sure to stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we’ll have a hands-on review of this innovative new children’s educational device!

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