Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

Sarah has had a Kindle Fire since Christmas, and she loves it. She uses it for reading, watching movies, and playing games. For a while her primary case was one she found at Brookstone that was clearly a repurposed Blackberry Playbook case. So Sarah was very excited when we had the chance to check out the US+U Swivel Portfolio!

US+U is not just a typical case maker though. They give 3% of the net revenue from each case to various charities, meaning purchasing this case does more than outfit your Fire, it does something good for the world at the same time!

Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

From their website:

US+U was started with the mandate that three (3%) percent of NET revenues for every product we sell would be donated to a legitimate and deserving charity. The charities we’ve chosen have been researched, contacted and have formally agreed to accept donations. Each of the charities is an organization that has been carefully and thoughtfully selected by those at US+U. In other words, these groups hold a special place in our hearts. Unlike other companies, there is no giving deadline (timeframe or date) or capped dollar amount for the money we plan to give away. For as long as we’re in business and continue to turn a profit, we will give 3% of every penny we make to the charities listed on

If you or your friends purchase a product through our Website, you have the opportunity to choose which listed charity receives your donation. Should you purchase any US+U product from one of our retail partners, we are tracking those sales as “undesignated funds.” All donations classified as “undesignated” will be divided and distributed equally among the charities listed on

Without U, US wouldn’t be able to design fun products or enable those who are engaged in doing good deeds around the world. And for that, we thank you very, very much. – The US+U team.

The real question, though, is whether this case is worth using. It offers some great functionality with a few trade offs, so let’s take a quick look at how it works, and then check in with Sarah on whether she likes it!

Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

The Swivel Portfolio fits the Kindle Fire extremely well. The power and charger port are exposed, and there are holes for the speakers as well. There is a thick border of material around the edge of the Kindle, but it doesn’t block the screen at all. You can prop it up at a nice viewing angle, even while on uneven surfaces (Sarah likes to watch videos before falling asleep, and it stays in place even in bed) The highlight of the case is the rotating feature; you can prop the Kindle in landscape or vertical mode, and the rotation is incredibly smooth. There’s also a nifty elastic strap that lets you use the Kindle one-handed, but it feels bulky that way.

Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

In fact, that’s the biggest issue with this case: it adds an astounding amount of bulk. The rotation mechanism is nicely hidden between the frame that holds the Kindle and the back panel, but there is a lot of excess material. Imagine a simple leather skin-type case, then bolt it onto a folio case, and that’s how the Swivel Portfolio is constructed. Great if you want to protect your Kindle in a bag or while traveling, but a tiny tablet becomes much more Hulk-like in the Swivel.

Now, that’s all from the time I could tear Sarah away from her Kindle and handle the case…but what’s Sarah’s take as the primary user?:

The case seems durable. The speakers are muffled by the case slightly. I wish there was a secure locking spot when the Kindle is propped up. It stays put but a groove to hold it in place would be nicer.

It fits the Kindle extremely well, and I am quite pleased with it. I think it works far better than any other Fire case I have tried!

Us+U Swivel Portfolio for Kindle Fire Review

So there you have it. The Us+U Swivel Portfolio is solid, if slightly bulky, but does a great job of protecting your Kindle Fire. Plus a portion of every purchase goes to charity, so you can feel good knowing you get an awesome case AND you put some good into the world!

MSRP: $49.99 from Us+U

What I Like: Fitted well to the Kindle; Rotation mechanism is smooth; Very protective; stylish looking

What Needs Improvement: Bulky; Muffles sounds slightly


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