LUNATIK ARCHITEK iPhone 6 Case: Slim, Strong, and Good-Looking Protection

The great thing about the iPhone 6/6S is that it is a slim, curvaceous little beast. Adding a bulky case to such a device almost feels criminal, especially if you don’t lead a rugged lifestyle. Want to protect your pocket computer from daily life without compromising its lines? Slide it into a LUNATIK ARCHITEK iPhone 6 Case.

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ARCHITEK is made slim but built strong. The case features serious dual-layer protection: an impact-resistant, transparent outer hardshell and co-molded, shock-absorbing inner Diagrid, or diagonal grid core. Inspired by Chicago’s structural architecture, the Diagrid inner construction reduces the overall weight of the product significantly without sacrificing impact absorption performance. Together, both layers make for an ultra-light, signature LUNATIK designed case that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is protective.

The ARCHITEK is available in black, purple, pink, or blue for both the iPhone 6/6S and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The exterior of the ARCHITEK is made up of two layers; a slim clear case with a second layer of reinforcing triangles that wrap the back and sides of the phone.

The iPhone 6 just slips into the case; once in, it is held snugly.

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There are cutouts for the speaker, microphone, and mute button; plastic button covers overlay the power and volume buttons. The cutout for the charging port is large enough to accept after-market USB/Lightning cables with thicker bases.

All corners are fully protected, and there is even a 2mm rim around the screen for face-down protection.

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The LUNATIK ARCHITEK has a visual appeal; it is slim, and it is fully protective; it also slides easily in and out of a back pocket. If you don’t need a case that can handle outdoor conditions like sudden immersion or mud, this is a refined and protective choice.

The LUNATIK ARCHITEK iPhone 6/6S case retails for $34.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.

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What I Like: Does not add bulk or weight to the iPhone 6/6S; Covers all corners; Large enough cutout for aftermarket cables; EAsy insertion and removal of iPhone; Visually appealing design.

What Needs Improvement: I wish that it was available for the iPhone 6/6S Plus

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