Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

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Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve Listen to this article

Earlier in October we mentioned the Elgato Eve, which is a HomeKit product designed to show you data on the air quality, temperature, humidity, and air pressure in your home for a reasonable price.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

I was sent the Elgato Eve, which is the world’s first battery-powered accessory compatible with HomeKit, and I couldn’t be more excited to use it. The indoor sensor is an all-white console that is as simple to setup as it is to use, with just a few things that could be changed.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

The Eve itself is an all-white, plastic cube, outside of it’s engraved name, and designated as Apple-Only. Being able to connect via Bluetooth 4.0, the Elgato Eve is powered by four AA batteries which I personally prefer more than the method of USB charging. My history of products like these are when I have to charge the device every month.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

When it comes to checking out my home on the Eve, I don’t do it as often as I should. With the Elgato Eve’s accompanying app, my knack for looking down at my phone more than my surroundings actually balance out as I can now look up each individual room’s temperature, and if it needs to be improved by possibly opening up a window or even just dimming the lights a little bit.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

The Eve that I received only came with one in the box, so I set it out in my Living Room, which obviously receives the most traffic in my home. The setup itself was downright seamless. After you download the Eve app in the App Store, you’re walked through a process of setting up each room that you have an Eve device set up in. Each of which will have a code on a sticker on the back of the Elgato Eve that you simply type in when prompted.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

Once prompted, your Eve will be able to sense virtually everything your eyes can and cannot see (outside of ghosts, but that’s a story for another day). There is ventilation on the Eve itself to obviously be able to get an idea of the room’s temperature. After testing for a week or two I can actually say that the Eve does what it can, when you’re in range.

For the Eve to be a product that is compatible with HomeKit, I was expecting a bit of a further range for a product of it’s make. Like most Bluetooth products, you have to be in the range of the product in order to actually have it work for you, which is a huge bummer if you decide you want to check the temperature of your home when you’re out of town or in-route home and just not quite there.

Take Control of the Temperature with Elgato Eve

Since this is a HomeKit product, you know that you will receive plenty of iOS updates to it, as well as compatibility for months and with it’s price tag at just under $100, it is easily the cheapest HomeKit monitor on the market, but I wish that it did a bit more. Sometimes my phone simply does not connect on the first try, so I find myself closing the app just to get it to work again.

Is the Elgato Eve useful? Absolutely. Sometimes you’re in a room not realizing it’s hotter than it should be. And the Eve is there to let you know, especially if you have allergies or asthma like myself, the quality of the air that you breathe. If you need a product that gives you the bare minimum without the added frills and the price tag to match, then you should already be ordering yourself one today!

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What I like: Being battery operated is great for those who forget to plug up and charge home devices often.

What Needs Improvement: I personally would like to see the Bluetooth Range go a tad bit further for live reads.

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