SuperStar Monster Blaster High Performance Portable Bluetooth BoomBox

In my younger years, I was one of those people who walked around with a huge rectangular boombox. In fact, it was a boombox blasting Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes that became the soundtrack for my teen tour of Israel when I was 15. Well, the Boombox is back in a Monster-ful way, thanks to the Monster SuperStar Blaster!


The SuperStar Monster Blaster is big. I mean it’s really big, and it gets really loud. And when I say loud, I mean LOUD! That’s the result of both the unusual design of the cabinet and the speakers packed inside. We’ll get to both in a moment. Before we do, let’s talk about a few of the ways this boombox isn’t like the boomboxes of my youth.


The boomboxes of my youth had either a slot for a cassette (remember those?) or, a bit later, a CD. There’s no such slot here since the SuperStar Monster Blaster is designed to grab music via Bluetooth and a source device. Pairing is super quick and super easy if your source device has NFC since the speaker and source device can be connected with just a tap. If, however, you feel the need to make a physical connection between the music and the Blaster you can plug in a 3.5mm cable to the AuxIn port hidden under one side.

The boombox of my youth often took six or eight D-size batteries. The SuperStar Monster Blaster has a rechargeable battery. Not only that, but the SuperStar Monster Blaster has a USB port hidden under that same side into which you can plug a cable if your phone or tablet is running low on juice. The battery can last up to eight hours when played at a normal volume, or about three hours at full blast.

The boombox of my youth was susceptible to water damage. The SuperStar Monster Blaster is certified for IPX5. That means that, while it is not water-proof, it is water-resistant. You can’t take the speaker for a swim, but you can take it to the beach and not worry too terribly much.

The boombox of my youth was designed to do one thing: play music. The Superstar Monster Blaster plays music, but it also offers the option to connect a microphone with a 1/8 inch 3.5 mm connector. That means the SuperStar Monster Blaster can be the SuperStar Monster PA system! And it can go wherever you need it to be!

The boombox of my youth was on or off and, once playing, you could control the volume. The SuperStar Monster Blaster offers indoor and outdoor Dual EQ Voice Profiles. This lets you tweak the sound coming from it and, for example, enhance bass for outdoor use.

The boombox of my youth usually had two front-facing speakers. The SuperStar Monster Blaster has drivers on both sides of the unit and, when the boombox is placed against a wall the rear firing drivers further enhance its “base rich sound reproduction”.


Like the boombox of my youth, the SuperStar Monster Blaster has an integrated handle to make carrying it easy. And like the boombox of my youth it has some significant heft to it. It screams, and it is serious about the boom!!!


The buttons are minimal and all on one side. There’s power, volume up and down, and mode. That’s it. On the other side is the NFC touchpoint and a rubber cover that hides the various ports and connections.

Monster explains it this way:

“The SuperStar Monster Blaster incorporates new innovative design and technology features including a V-shaped angled cabinet design with drivers on both sides that project room-filling sound on either side of the speaker. This creates direct and reflective sound that comes toward towards you and bounces off the wall to create a complete immersive experience that we call V-Sound.”

“The Blaster also features Monster’s proprietary PowerBass, an integrated powered subwoofer for real bass response. Another example of modern technology enhancing classic boombox design in the model’s indoor and Outdoor Dual EQ Voice Profiles that optimize its sound in any environment and enhances bass further for outdoor listening sessions. An integrated handle and water-resistant all-weather design makes it easy to bring the party virtually anywhere.”


In a move reminiscent of Apple, Monster has not released specifications on the new boombox. They may but, for now, the specifics of what is packed into the speaker are lacking. What we do know is that it features:

  • Indoor and Outdoor EQ Modes
  • Powerful Sound for Large, Open Spaces
  • Splash Resistant for Outdoor Use
  • Bi-Directional Driver Design with full range drivers in angled 360? orientation
  • Down-Firing Integrated Powered Subwoofer
  • NFC For Quick Pairing
  • USB Charge Out
  • 1/8” Aux-In, Microphone Input
  • Integrated Handle
  • 1 year warranty


Here’s our video review:

There’s one other way the SuperStar Monster Blaster is different from the boomboxes of my youth. Those boomboxes were almost always under $100. At least the ones I bought were. This one will retail for a whopping $399.95 when it hits shelves soon. Still, for that price you get a boombox reboot that gets super loud and sounds pretty darn good.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Huge sound that sounds good; Water resistant; Speakers on both sides; 2 EQ settings; Simple button layout; Doubles as a portable PA system.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far

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