Monowear MonoChest Keeps Your Best Apple Watch Bands Safe

Since the Apple Watch bands are so easy to change out, most people will collect a few styles. Some of these bands can be costly and need to be stored safely. Monowear has introduced the MonoChest ($99.95) which will safely house and display up to three bands and the watch as it charges. Let’s take a closer look.

Think of the MonoChest as a charging organizer that holds your watch as well as three favorite bands. The chest is perfect to keep on a desk or bedside table and can also be used while travelling. The watch bands will be held safe and secure in a stylish package.


The exterior of the MonoChest is a super soft leather that looks and feels great and comes in black, brown, ivory, and aqua colors. The chest opens like a notebook and includes a tray that allows for one closed loop and two open loop bands to be stored as well as the band connected to the watch. The holding tray is a smooth plastic that will not scratch or damage any part of the bands. Rubber tabs hold the bands into place inside the tray.


The inside of the front covers are lined with a microfiber fabric that will keep any loose bands from getting damaged. A strong magnet locks down both flaps and I found it to be more than enough to keep the chest closed while moving it or travelling. The bands will move a small amount inside the chest, but due to the materials and magnets, I think they are safe with normal use.


The smaller flap on the right has a square cut out that will display the face of the Apple Watch while being stored or charged. Both the 42mm and 38mm watches can be used and I found the cutout to be precise. The MonoChest looks great on a desk with the watch charging and user still being able to read notifications.


The back of the MonoChest sports a ridge that holds a charging cord that will snap in to place. Once the charger is installed, simply drop the watch in to charge. Close the flaps to keep the watch locked in safely or open them up to present the beauty of the watch and the extra bands.


While there is not much to the Monowear MonoChest, it is a stylish and well made product. Great detail has gone into the fit, finish, and materials used to make the product. The soft feel leather is quite elegant and the colors are bold. The magnets do a great job of locking the cover down and giving confidence that the watch and bands are both safe and sound. For a limited time, the MonoChest will arrive with a random, bonus band. There are two of their bands in the photos and both are great quality watch bands.


Source: Manufacturer’s supplied review unit

MSRP: $99.99

What I like: Stylish and well made product. Keeps expensive bands safe.

What could be improved: I would like to see all of the slots able to hold either closed loop or open bands.

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